Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: DKult Zine by Borderline Grafix (Austin, Texas, USA)

BG - 8.28.2016 - 1

Mail art by Borderline Grafix (Austin, Texas, USA)

A slogan of Karnival of Trash 2016 is “Trashpo: It can only get better.” The Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call is proving the statement without irony or a knowing wink. The work is amazing! Borderline Grafix sent this new publication from the DKult Fan Club Press that features a special section on the Karnival and original work by Diane Keys among other must-see items. This is a treasured collector’s piece in conjunction with the show. Many thanks.

BG - 8.28.2016 - 2

This issue is very visual. Especially from a Kulter perspective, I think the flow of images (and minimal text) are very effective. Some of the conventions of the Trashbook are present. My favorite page for sure:

BG - 8.28.2016 - 3

Wow! A stunning interpretation of the Karnival of Trash theme.

BG - 8.28.2016 - 4

I think the back cover is especially powerful as well, making good use of “Classic” Trashpo composition (aka D-Khaos) and iconic bits from none other than the Queen of Trash herself. Here is the envelope with, I think, a raindrop smudge from coming out of the post office:

BG - 8.29.2016 - 5

Here is the official Karnival of Trash stamp based on an image Gu in the UK sent me. Feel free to share any way you like:

Karnival stamp 41

Previous Karnival of Trash Documentation



Joey Patrickt


John M. Bennett and Diane Keys



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