Karnival of Trash Mail Art Exhibition: Gu (Norwich, Norfolk, UK)

Gu - 8.20.2016 - 1

Mail art by Gu (Norwich, Norfolk, UK)

I am absolutely thrilled to share the first Karnival of Trash entry from Britain. Gu is a FAB collage artist known and admired both inside and well beyond Trashpo and Kulter circles. Her considerable talents are now immortalized in the annals of the Karnival of Trash. Geographically and aesthetically, Gu is part of the acclaimed DKULTUK that is known for its innovation. This fascinating synthesis of “high” culture (Shakespeare) and the anti-art stance of Trashpo is thought-provoking and deeply rewarding in terms of art. Here is the reverse side of the stunning collage:

Gu - 8.20.2016 - 2

The Ray Johnson allusion as well as the fascinating retro nature of the enclosed material gives this mailing an additional cultural resonance. DKULTUK products have always tended toward the more aesthetic side of Trashpo (Rebecca Guyver and Mail Art Martha, for instance). This work by Gu is another contribution to the canon.

Gu - 8.20.2016 - 3

This stamp (above) could easily serve as the logo for the Karnival of Trash.

Gu - 8.20.2016 - 4

Gu employs a classic Trashpo trope: The packet (or sometimes loose collection) of unaltered material, often cryptic or ambiguous in terms of intent:

Gu - 8.20.2016 - 6

Reverse sides:

Gu - 8.20.2016 - 7

Here is the envelope that contained all this marvelous material. The envelope included (unfortunately difficult to scan) an unsharpened and thus unused pencil. In my estimation, this is a superb mail art assemblage with both thematic continuity and disruption. Conventions of Trashpo are seamlessly integrated. Deepest thanks to Gu!

Gu - 8.20.2016 - 8

Gu - 8.20.2016 - 9

Send your entries to:

Karnival of Trash

c/o De Villo Sloan

PO Box 1314

Auburn, New York 13021 USA

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John M. Bennett and Diane Keys



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