New School Vispo by Annette Kesterson (San Francisco, California, USA)

Annette - 8.28.2016 - 1

Mail art by Annette Kesterson (San Francisco, California, USA)

I certainly have come to look forward to dispatches from MinXus-Lynxus correspondent Annette Kesterson in San Francisco. Along with work received from Joey Patrickt in Oakland, I believe – thanks to these artists – the blog is able to provide a look at trends and evolutions in a vital cultural area of the USA. After some soul-searching, I will not include this beautiful piece by Annette in the Karnival of Trash exhibition; this just does not fit the Trashpo definition. Categories matter little as long as this breath-taking vispo (or at least text-centered composition) can be shared with others. The piece is an aesthetic immersion into text and the art/practice of writing.

Annette - 8.28.2016 - 2

I gather Annette Kesterson is a librarian and educator. Here we have a possibly new mail art genre: the back-to-school missive.

Deepest thanks to Annette for another stunning piece!


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