“Like A Leper Messiah” : DSFCult Responds (Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)

Mail art by DSF (Dopesick San Francisco) (Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)


Minxus-Lynxus was proud to be the first blog to report on the rise of #dsfcult in the wake of DKult and other strange quasi-spiritual entities that arise in the Eternal Network as part of some mysterious cycle we have not yet deciphered:


#dsfcult is the creation of Dopesick San Francisco, a genuinely interesting persona created by Michael Kelly. We were thrilled to receive this follow-up report to our original post. The card reflects what we are obeserving: #dsfcult has “legs.”






MinXus Mail Bag: Collage by Thea Hollister (Seattle, Washington, USA)

Mail art by Thea Hollister (Seattle, Washington, USA)

A huge “Howdy” goes out to Thea Hollister of Seattle who makes her first appearance upon our humble MinXus-Lynxus blog with two solid, oblong & suitably cryptic pieces of mail art collage & a wonderful envelope.

Of course, we also offer a wink & a secret MinXus handshake to this promising new Tenderfoot. Dark Wall made a point of mentioning how much he liked this work by Thea Hollister. He fished out of the brimming mail bag he fetched from up by the highway on this stunning April day.



We point out how many Tenderfoots we see joining the network from Seattle. That is only a positive reflection on the cultural climate of that great polis. We also point out that Seattle was a mail art center of great note in the Golden Age of the 80s. So what comes around goes around & all is well in the kingdom, etc. etc.



And from the Chance Operations Department: Here is a malfunction from a Thea Hollister scan that produced – we think – an interesting collab:

Deepest thanks to Thea Hollister!


Lost Legend Found: Meta-Trashpo by Thom Courcelle (Vermont, USA)

Thom C - 4.9.2019 - 1

Mail art by Thom Courcelle (Rutland, Vermont, USA)


We’re thrilled to see art by Thom Courcelle circulating in the Eternal Network again after a lengthy absence. We’re even more thrilled that some of his wonderful work found its way to our humble MinXus-Lynxus blog.

We believe Thom Courcelle is a wonderfully inventive & talented artist generally. He is also one who has earned the designation Legend of Trashpo fairly & squarely. Thom Courcelle was part of the extraordinarily hard working & deeply creative group that launched Trashpo & made it a network phenom. His friendship & regard for Diane Keys made him an early & devout Kulter.

So Thom Courcelle ranks among Diane Keys, KDJ, Nancy Bell Scott, Erni Baer, Lucky Pierre, Richard Canard, Borderline Grafix, Jim Leftwich, Gerda Osteneck, Jain Lions, Rebecca Guyver, Mail Art Martha, Svenja Wahl & select others (apologies if we forgot) whom we know today as Legends of Trashpo.

Mail art is intense & time consuming. No matter how much artists love the network, it is not uncommon for them to take breaks often due to life’s changing demands. Some never return. The best we can ever do is be understanding, helpful & let people follow their individual paths & evolution. But it’s always great when someone, especially someone much beloved like Thom Courcelle, returns. We hope he can manage to stay connected because he brings so much to all of us.


Thom C 4.9.2019 - 2



Lisa dvs 6.18.2018 - 21

MinXus Mail Bag: E’s Fan Club A&P by John M. Bennett (USA), J.F. Chapelle (France) + MORE A&P News

E - JMB 3.18.10`9 - 1

E’s Fan Club add & pass by John M. Bennett (Columbus, Ohio, USA), J.F. Chapelle (Merignac) Bordeaux, France), Charles Dubay (Bordeaux, France), Christopher Masse (Bordeaux, France). Created by Miss Noma (2017).


Here is a spectacular E’s Fan Club a&p that has been patiently awaiting documentation. John M. Bennett’s distinctive art graces this homage to E – Ambassador of Utopia. The French Fluxus artist J.F. Chapelle (Jean-Francois Chapelle), very reclusive these days, has made remarkable contributions along with associates who are not known to us. Closer ups:


E JMB 3.28.2019 - 2



E JMB 3.28.2019 - 3




E JMB 3.29.2019 - 6y


A second a&p was included in the mailing from John M. Bennett that requires further circulation:


3.29.2019 1n - magda

Incomplete “Nine Patch” a&p by Magda Lagerwerf (Sellingen, Netherlands); C. Mehrl Bennett (Columbus, Ohio, USA); John M. Bennett (Columbus, Ohio, USA); Ed Giecek (Concrete, Washington, USA); Mink Rancher (Auburn, New York, USA)



E JMB 3.29.2019 - 5t



Lisa dvs 6.18.2018 - 21

Not Just Your Average Jonestown: The Rise of #dsfcult (Dopesick San Francisco)

DSF 3.27.2019 - 1

Mail art by DSF (Dopesick San Francisco) (aka Michael Kelly) (Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)


We could begin this entry with a pithy, allusive statement such as: “By 2020 every mail artist will have their own cult.”

But any Tenderfoot who grazes even casually in these Elysian Fields of the Mink Ranch knows we are longtime DSF fans & can thus cut to the chase sooner than later. We’ve even named him among the Top 10 Mail Artists Active Today. And Dark Wall says it’s high time we fish in the MinXus Mail Bag for more recent work received from DSF that might have escaped earlier efforts. So here are some examples. And we want to give you an update on this #dsfcult business.

DSF is prolific & hardworking. He has a knack for producing memorable images (usually using the postcard form) & seeing they reach the right recipients on the ground & net for maximum exposure to benefit us all. The cards, stickers etc. are released in what could be considered “editions” with occasional hand alterations.


DSF 3.29.2019 - 2

Now for the Eternal Network news in case you missed it: DSF has now declared himself a cult. Apparently he is not content with the old Ray Johnson notion of fan clubs, but then we’ve all seen the influence & success of DKult for nearly a decade (preceded earlier by the Church of the Subgenius). #dsfcult might easily have the best marketing of them all. You can access a floating, changing body of material easily. You can even participate:


DSF/Michael Kelly has been embraced by DKult and the Trashpoets for some time. Relations remain strong despite this quasi-schism. Diane Keys & her court have no concern a neighbor has declared himself a cult. In fact, it as an inevitable & logical part of the evolution of mail art.

DSF 3.26.2019 - 3Mail art by DSF/Michael Kelly (Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)

Things have also changed in the DSF line-up due to the sad passage of Karina the Dog who was DSF’s double & artistic inspiration.  We have noted previously the phenom of animals becoming mail art “stars.” Karina the Dog is one of the greats – RIP. In the wake & grief of Karina’s passage, DSF was left to re-invent himself necessarily. What we might be witnessing here is the emergence of a new persona.

DSF 3.26.2019 - 1

And finally, a few words about DSF we believe are of importance & offer insight into an artist who can be as cryptic & indeterminate as anyone in the network. In previous posts, we have praised DSF for his continuation of the Punk/anti-art stance that gave mail art energy & a new incarnation spanning the 80s into the first half of the 90s. Whether DSF had any connection to the earlier postal wave is unknown to us, but he clearly lived the life of the Marginals.

With the Punk aesthetic came nihilism, angst, alienation & despair, which was yet a continuation of the existential despair that ran through Western culture in the 60s & 70s &, yes, mail art too. BUT in a close examination of DSF’s work you will find an uplifting message about the human spirit & salvation. He is a realist but comes from a philosophical place far different from the despairing Punks of yore. DSF is much more a modern reconsideration of time spent on “Desolation Row” with different conclusions.

Deepest thanks, as ever, to DSF/Michael Kelly!

DSF 3.26.2019 - 2


DSF 3.27.2019 - 3nvi1



Lisa dvs 6.18.2018 - 21

Mail Art Triptychs: A Retrospective


Mail Art triptych by De Villo Sloan (NY, USA) for Karen Champlin (Illinois, USA) (circa 2013). Part of a call by Bifidus Jones (Minnesota, USA)


In yesterday’s blog we mentioned the creation of mail art triptychs a few years back & promised to find some examples in the labyrinthine MinXus-Lynxus Archives. Ever true to our dear devoted Tenderfoots, here are some examples from this interesting phase. The artists tend to be folks still active in the current network.

The triptychs were straight-forward three panel affairs (such as the one above) or tri-panel structures associated with the popular surge in artist’s books that was also taking place at that time. These include books with a total of six panels that can stand upright or even cards (ATCs) in sets of three.  Participants were generally aware that other network artists were experimenting with the form.


NBS - 10.8.2013 - 5

Mail Art triptychs by Nancy Bell Scott (Maine, USA) (circa August 2013)


NBS - 10.8.2013 - 4


Carina - 2 - 2014

Mail art triptych by Carina Granlund (Finland) (circa 2014)


Carina - 3 - 2014



KP - 1

Mail art triptych by Kerri Pullo (Arizona, USA) (2011)


Lucky - 6.16.2015 - 2

Mail art triptych by Lucky Pierre (South Carolina, USA) (circa 2015)


Lucky - 6.16.2015 - 3


Marie - MinXus - 4

Mail art triptych by Marie Wintzer (Japan) (circa 2012)


Marie - MinXus - 5



Lisa dvs 6.18.2018 - 21

MinXus Mail Bag: Triptych by Cristina Blank (Worthsee, Germany)

Cristina 3.20.2019 - 1

Mail art by Cristina Blank (Worthsee, Germany)


We were thrilled to receive an envelope from old & dear mail art friend Cristina Blank in Germany. Both Cristina and her partner Jurgen Oliver Blank are wonderfully inventive & talented mail artists. They always lift the spirits & challenge the mind. Cristina Blank made some wonderful Trashpo and DKult-related pieces that we will not soon forget.

The opening pieces might not fill the “Triptych” definition perfectly, but we think they work very nicely together. Also they remind us that a few years ago a number of mail artists were producing some truly notable triptychs (such as Karen Champlin & Marie Wintzer circa 2013). Hopefully, we will dig a group of them out of the archive & share. For now, let’s bask in the glow of Cristina Blank’s excellent mailing. An intriguing photo was included:


Cristina 3.20.2019 - 2

Mail art by Cristina Blank

Cristina Blank included this interesting talisman/amulet/haptic poem (below). At this point the meaning is indeterminate for us. But we appreciate these cryptic mailings where we are invited to engage in the process of making meaning. We enjoy object poems & found material where we transcend conventional visual art & begin to explore fully the possibilities & limitations of correspondence art & the personality of the artist with whom we are interacting.


Cristina 3.20.2019 - 3h


Cristina 3.20.2019


Lisa dvs 6.18.2018 - 21