“Like A Leper Messiah” : DSFCult Responds (Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)

Mail art by DSF (Dopesick San Francisco) (Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)


Minxus-Lynxus was proud to be the first blog to report on the rise of #dsfcult in the wake of DKult and other strange quasi-spiritual entities that arise in the Eternal Network as part of some mysterious cycle we have not yet deciphered:


#dsfcult is the creation of Dopesick San Francisco, a genuinely interesting persona created by Michael Kelly. We were thrilled to receive this follow-up report to our original post. The card reflects what we are obeserving: #dsfcult has “legs.”






Lost Legend Found: Meta-Trashpo by Thom Courcelle (Vermont, USA)

Thom C - 4.9.2019 - 1

Mail art by Thom Courcelle (Rutland, Vermont, USA)


We’re thrilled to see art by Thom Courcelle circulating in the Eternal Network again after a lengthy absence. We’re even more thrilled that some of his wonderful work found its way to our humble MinXus-Lynxus blog.

We believe Thom Courcelle is a wonderfully inventive & talented artist generally. He is also one who has earned the designation Legend of Trashpo fairly & squarely. Thom Courcelle was part of the extraordinarily hard working & deeply creative group that launched Trashpo & made it a network phenom. His friendship & regard for Diane Keys made him an early & devout Kulter.

So Thom Courcelle ranks among Diane Keys, KDJ, Nancy Bell Scott, Erni Baer, Lucky Pierre, Richard Canard, Borderline Grafix, Jim Leftwich, Gerda Osteneck, Jain Lions, Rebecca Guyver, Mail Art Martha, Svenja Wahl & select others (apologies if we forgot) whom we know today as Legends of Trashpo.

Mail art is intense & time consuming. No matter how much artists love the network, it is not uncommon for them to take breaks often due to life’s changing demands. Some never return. The best we can ever do is be understanding, helpful & let people follow their individual paths & evolution. But it’s always great when someone, especially someone much beloved like Thom Courcelle, returns. We hope he can manage to stay connected because he brings so much to all of us.


Thom C 4.9.2019 - 2



Lisa dvs 6.18.2018 - 21

MinXus Mail Bag: “Trash without the Po” by Vikki Johnson (Morrison, Colorado, USA)

vikki johnson 3.12.2019 - 1

Mail art by Vikki Johnson (Morrison, Colorado, USA)

It’s always gratifying to see a new mail artist – like a glorious butterfly emerging from a cocoon – begin to explore the forms, traditions & innovations unique to the Eternal Network.

So we are extra thrilled to extend a big “Howdy,” a wink & a secret MinXus handshake to Vikki Morrison of Colorado who graces our humble pages today with this foray into the realm of Trashpo. While Vikki Johnson demures & claims to extend only a toe into the landfill, we find much to admire in this work.

This is a large postcard-size piece apparently constructed of found materials. The interwoven hairs (?), fur (?), lint (?) add to the textural quality. Additionally, the work is sprinkled with glitter! Vikki Johnson is probably not aware of the Great Glam Glitter Revival being led by Legend of Trashpo DharmaDaDa Neil Gordon and my humble self.

I fancy that this mail art smells like banana bubble gum, but I am prone to curious neurological abnormalities that are the result of my participation as a human test subject in various scientific research projects long ago. These distortions can come upon me at any time, triggered by some random stimulus (perhaps hair or fur?). Thus, Vikki Johnson’s piece functions on several sensory levels, including touch. The Trashpoets know this as Haptic Poetry.


vikki johnson 3.12.2019 - 2


Vikki Johnson’s kind message, unfortunately, raises only questions for me. Here is the precise quote that inspired the title: “This glue-y postcard may be Trash, but it’s definitely not po(etry).” Humility is a winning quality among Trashpoets & DKulters. But I can assure Vikki this piece qualifies as Trashpo. I must add that it lacks the organic “DKhaos” that has inspired so many Trashpoets; however, this kind of formal composition used by Vikki is used to great benefit in much Trashpo. Trashpo by Claire aka Cleo is a FAB example.

Vikki’s comments about opting “to take off the questionably successful stamps” and the reference to the “pizza circle” being lost in the mail are completely baffling to me. But overall, this is a marvelously successful venture into Trashpo (imho).


vikki johnson 3.12.2019 - 3


Lisa dvs 6.18.2018 - 21

Mud Head’s Cat Army is a “Happening” & You’re Invited (Phoenix, Arizona)

Mudhead 11.6.2018 - 4

Mail art by Mud Head (aka Chris Reynolds) (Scottsdale, Arizona, USA)


First, Mud Head’s Cat Army (Disorder of the Bee) is essentially a mail art call, so everyone is invited to participate. In our opinion, Cat Army is also one of the most creative, exciting and innovative calls currently being hosted (no criticism of other calls intended).

Cat Army is part of the breed of contemporary calls that combines snail mail with digital, performance art with digital video and numerous other permutations of “intermedia.” Thus, perhaps some postal purists will object to this new breed of “Happenings,” but Cat Army is certainly in the spirit of Fluxus and other aspects of the Ray Johnson mode of mail art.

Mud Head is a gifted post-avant artist – already a legend in the Eternal Network – who works and lives in the spirit of Fluxus and the Post-Fluxus impulse. Mud Head’s work has an added dimension of the visionary and philosophical, which gives it a depth and humanity beyond sterile aesthetics rooted in materialism. In short, Mud Head is the ideal Shaman-artist to lead this new kultur kult which echoes network deconstructive spiritualisms found previously in Neoism, Church of the SubGenius and DKult. Participants are surely in for a great time in this new order of things.

I am going to share some Cat Army propaganda Mud Head mailed me. You can also follow (and even submit work directly) via the “Disorder of the Bee (Cat Army)” page on Facebook:




Mudhead 11.6.2018 - 5


Mudhead 11.6.2018 - 6


Mudhead 11.6.2018 - 7


Mudhead 11.6.2018 - 8

Mail art by Mud Head (Scottsdale, Arizona, USA)

The envelope by Mud Head:

Mud Head 11.6.2018 - 2

Detail study:

Mudhead 11.6.2018 - 3

Mudhead 11.6.2018 - 1


Official Mud Head photo (really him!) for Cat Army:


Mudhead - official cat army photo



Lisa dvs 6.18.2018 - 21

MinXus Mail Bag: “Minkus” Collages by Jayne Lyons (Lakeville, Minnesota, USA)

Jayne - 9.14.2018 - 1

Mail art by Jayne Lyons (Lakeville, Minnesota, USA)


Tenderfoot Jayne B. Lyons is raising eyebrows in the Eternal Network with her spectacular collages, and she is nothing less than a raving sensation among the Trashpoets and DKulters.

As ever on your faithful MinXus-Lynxus pages we offer a big “I told you so,” a wink, and a secret Mink Ranch handshake. We predicted mail-art stardom for Jayne B. Lyons the minute we first saw her work. She has now blessed us with three strong, new beautiful collages we are thrilled to share. Even though Jayne has renamed our venerable movement “Minkus,” we see her as a kindred spirit as much as we can in this Post-MinXus age given her absorption in Trashpo.

Collage has been a tradition and a strength of the mail art network for over a half century. Jayne B. Lyons joins and is working within that tradition, offering both innovation and relevance. Our “reliable sources” tell us that Jayne is a diligent sleuth and scholar, digging into network history. This shows in her work. She knows many classic collage tropes and misses entirely the Tenderfoot peril of “reinventing the wheel.”

She also makes timely reference to current mail art trends and personalities. For instance, she sent a classic study of none other than Queen of Trashpo Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA). So let’s see if we can follow the iconography. We have DKult allusions in “Minkus” collage:


Jayne 9.14.2018 - 3


Diane Keys collage portrait by Jayne B. Lyons


Jayne B. Lyons also sent a not-so flattering portrait at the great yet elusive and extraordinarily handsome mail art genius De Villo Sloan. Unfortunately, Jayne did not allow the piece to dry properly and some sort of tissue paper is permanently attached to the piece. Perhaps this is actually an interesting interjection of “chance operations.”


Jayne 9.14.2018 - 2


Also in FAB mail art tradition, the large envelope is an excellent piece itself:


Jayne 9.16.2018 - 4


Jayne 9.16.2018 - 5


Deepest thanks to Jayne B. Lyons!

ATC & Other Rediscovered Mail Art by Gerda Osteneck (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)

Gerda 8.6.2018 - 3

Mail art (Artist Trading Card) by Gerda Osteneck (Regina, Canada)


Gerda Osteneck has officially been named a Legend of Trashpo by none other than the Queen of Trash herself: Diane Keys. Many networkers know that Gerda Osteneck’s art also transcends Trashpo. She does excellent work in many different genres, including the ATC (Artist Trading Card). Gerda Osteneck has mastered several aesthetic modes.

Here at the Mink Ranch we never lose or misplace Tenderfoot mail! Fear not. But we do sometimes “rediscover forgotten classics.” These are exciting events. We’re so glad you are with us for this rare and special event! We are excited to share this envelope of rediscovered classics by Gerda Osteneck.



Gerda - 8.6.2018 - 2




Gerda 8.6.2018 - 4.jpg

“Shadowy Figure” by Gerda Osteneck



Gerda 8.6.2018 - 6



All in a great envelope:



Gerda 8.6.2018 - 7





Many thanks to Gerda!

MinXus Mail Bag: Correspondence by “Legend of Trashpo” Neil Gordon (Torrington, Connecticut, USA)

Neil 7.9.2018 - 3

Mail art by DharmaDaDa Neil Gordon (Torrington, Connecticut, USA)


Trashpo (and the accompanying DKult of trashpoets) has been a network activity for about a decade. (Opinions differ – of course – about where and when Trashpo started.)

The popular consensus is that Trashpo began with postings by visual poet Jim Leftwich (Virginia, USA) on Fluxlist in 2007. Diane Keys (Illinois, USA) brought Trashpo to network popularity circa 2010. Trashpo – perhaps – has seen its nascence; however, it is still made and we still have avid, head-banging “DKulters.” Trashpo seems to have made a lasting impression on the Eternal Network.

Trashpo produced mail art stars (as much as that is possible) who were named in the various fanzines and on collector cards (yes, there were actual Trashpo fanzines and collector cards) as “Legends of Trashpo” or “Trashpo All-Stars.” This was a rare honor and some will recall Neil Gordon was an official “Legend of Trashpo” who brought a “first thought best thought,” rugged, ragged Punk aesthetic that helped define Trashpo at a crucial time in its evolution.

I have to rely on memory to list other official “Legends of Trashpo,” so I will probably miss some. They include Diane Keys (of course), KDJ (yes, she is a real person), Ernie Baer, Borderline Graphics, Richard Canard, Marla Kittler, Mail Art Martha and others

Many “Legends of Trashpo” are retired from the network or are less active than in the halcyon days when Trashpo was spreading across the globe. This is very understandable, so I am thrilled to receive the occasional piece from Neil Gordon. It is the flawless work of a master and originator. Time for a close-up:


Neil 7.9.2018 - 4


People still ask me, “What is Trashpo?” After a long time struggling with cogent answers, the best I can say is, “It’s whatever Neil Gordon does. It’s whatever Diane Keys does.” Neil Gordon has sent the perfect Trashpo composition here, right down to his signature tea bag wrapper.


Neil 7.9.2018 - 5a


Neil Gordon sent an altered junk mail letter, but my printer insisted on chopping it up:


Neil 7.9.2018 - 1

Neil 7.9.2018 - 2


There it is! Authentic Trashpo made by a legendary master! Superb!




Neil 7.9.2018 - 7b


Thanks Neil!