Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Artist Stamps by Bradford (Deadwood, South Dakota, USA) w/ Gina Ulgen (UK)

Artist stamps by Bradford (Deadwood, South Dakota, USA)


I called the Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call “The Greatest Show on Earth,” which was hyperbole of course. But it was a wonderful, wonderful experience. Friends both old and new sent incredible work and it just kept coming! The KoT is, I believe, one of the great monuments erected to Trashpo and DKult. The entire show is archived here at MinXus-Lynxus, and I plan to document it elsewhere for posterity.

Gu (Gina Ulgen) of Norwich, Norfolk, UK provided an image that defined the KOT “brand” perfectly (see stamp). I made it into a sticker and it appeared widely during the show. Bradford of Deadwood, South Dakota, USA turned Gina’s image into exquisite stamps. Some time ago he sent me three sheets, which I am now sharing. (Please excuse the delay.)

Bradford is a phenomenal stamp maker and highly regarded in the Eternal Network. I am not particularly strong in the stamp area of mail art, so I’ll refrain from going much deeper than saying I am a big fan of his work. He is very active on the IUOMA-Ning platform and very supportive of other artists, which is a quality I admire very much too.

The envelope showcases more Bradford work:

The Fluxus stamps are not to be missed:

Now let us, as they say, “talk turkey” concerning the ongoing Kot clean up. I know I promised a lot to people in order to get that great work for the show. I’ve sent some hefty missives in reply, but I have hardly completed my responses. I have three sheets of Bradford KoT stamps, and will be glad to share them (in small quantities of course) with KoT participants. If you especially want some of these amazing stamps make sure to contact me. Otherwise, I will share them as I think is appropriate. I just can’t see filing these away.

Many thanks to Bradford!


MinXus Mail Bag: Add & Pass + ATCs by C.Z. Lovecraft (Westport, Massachusetts, USA)

Mail art by C.Z. Lovecraft (Westport, Massachusetts, USA)

Veteran mail artist C.Z. Lovecraft – no stranger to MinXus-Lynxus – sent this package for the Karnival of Trash that emphasizes, along with his talent, the popular m-a genres of the add & pass and the ATC (Artist Trading Card).

Here are the ATCs:


Many thanks to C.Z. Lovecraft!

Karnival of Trash: “Almanaque of Trash” by Pretorei Productions (Joe Oliveira) (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Mail art by Pretorei Productions (Joe Oliveira) (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

I am thrilled to be able to document another stunning contribution to the Trashbook form inspired by the Karnival of Trash. Pretorei Productions in Brazil – which I believe is an artist named Joe Oliveira – has created an epical work. The range and scale is so expansive that I am only able to present excerpts. The images are incredibly engaging.

Mail art by Pretorei Productions (Joe Oliveira) (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

A book within the book:

Mail art by Pretorei Productions (Joe Oliveira) (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Many thanks to Pretorei Productions and Joe Oliveira!



Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Trashpo Gutai by Tomoe Nakamura (Osaka, Japan)


Mail art by Tomoe Nakamura (Osaka, Japan)

In Trashpo circles, Japanese trash is a rare commodity: often discussed, seldom seen. In these, the final hours of the Karnival of Trash, Tomoe Nakamura has sent a masterpiece that will surely be pure magic to the Trashpo fan. Coming in the wake of Wendy Rodgers’ work, I note a strong Gutai element in this piece, which is grounded in classic Trashpo. Conceptual art, minimalism and Fluxus contribute to the aesthetic. Above all else, Tomoe Nakamura’s bag is wonderfully subtle and sensual.

Tomoe Nakamura is a very fine and serious painter. Fortunately for the Eternal Network, she has an interest in mail art and participates in various ways. Most of the contents of the envelope:

Tomoe - 6.5.2017 - 4

Individual “performances” are within:

Tomoe - 6.5.20`17 - 5

Mail art by Tomoe Nakamura (Osaka, Japan)

Tomoe - 6.5.2017 - 6

Mail art by Tomoe Nakamura (Osaka, Japan)

Many thanks to Tomoe Nakamura!

Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: TrAshemics by Lorraine Kwan (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Mail art by Lorraine Kwan (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Lorraine Kwan is well-known in the Eternal Network. I am a fan, especially, of her fashion-focused and textile work. I am thrilled to have a Lorraine Kwan piece for the Karnival of Trash.

Ever thoughtful, Lorraine sent a textual work that emphasizes Trashpo’s true place as a form of visual poetry as well as its connection to asemics. Lorraine Kwan has clearly done her homework and uses the great Trashpo Tropes with skill, including Listpo, D-Khaos, Shredpo, distortion, and others. (The work is a postcard-size photo and that adds to the distortion.

Deepest thanks to Lorraine Kwan!


Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: It’s A Wonderful Trashpo by Rafael Gonzalez (Tenerife, Spain)

Mail art by Rafael Gonzalez (Tenerife, Spain)

Network fave and veteran Rafael Gonzalez has expressed allegiance to DKult in the past, and it is wonderful to have this celebratory piece for the Karnival of Trash. The work is placed on a large envelope, torn in half. Even if there is a suggestion of “art” here, I assure you that if you were to view the actual piece, you would share my view that this is sublime Trashpo.

Thank you Rafael Gonzalez!





Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: DESTROY Kitty Trashpo by Dopesick San Francisco (DSF) (Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)

Mail art by Dopesick San Francisco (DSF) aka Michael Kelly (Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)

DSF and Karina the Dog have proven to be key contributors to the Karnival of Trash, which I think it is fair to say has surpassed everyone’s expectations. And here is another great DSF piece that follows in the wake of my recent rant (elsewhere) about the dangers of mailing food to networkers.

I believe DSF has taken a real post-pop turn on this one, and has done it very well.

Check out the ingredients:

And the envelope:

Many thanks to DSF!