MinXus Mail Bag: E’s Fan Club A&P + More! by Ferran Destemple (Barcelona, Spain)

Ferran 9.19.2018 - 2

Mail art by Ferran Destemple (Barcelona, Spain)


The immensely talented Ferran Destemple in Barcelona sent us some great examples of his work including this version of the mysterious E’s Fan Club add & pass circulated by Karen Eliot and further embellished by Mikel Untzilla (Spain). This sheet, unlike others we have received, will be returned to Guivry, France!

Here is more work Ferran Destemple sent including a stamp by old friend Samuel Montalvetti (Argentina):


Ferran 9.20.2018 - 3




Ferran 9.20.2018 - 4


Many thanks to Ferran Destemple!


MinXus Mail Bag: Exhibit Documentation & More by Sinclair Scripa (Ludlow, Vermont, USA)

Sinclair 9.17.2018 - 2

Mail art by Sinclair Scripa (Ludlow, Vermont, USA)


Veteran mail artist Sinclair Scripa (aka Tara Verheide aka Tonya to M-L readers) curated major high-profile mail art calls that culminated circa 2017. They have garnered great praise. Sinclair Scripa has also circulated excellent hard copy documentation of her projects. We are so pleased she sent copies to MinXus-Lynxus. As usual, even if belated, we are thrilled to share them with you. Tonya also sent some beautiful examples of her work that we present here at the “top” of our ever-humble blog.


Sinclair 9.17.2018 - 1


Now for the documentation! The two major calls (as we understand it) were (1) WomenArtScientists and (2) AvantGlobalConspiracy at Castelton University in Vermont. These shows were done in conjunction with Sinclair Scripa’s FeMAIL-XX project and her archives. Another exhibit featuring Tonya and CrackerJack Kid was also connected to the larger projects.

Based on our own experiences, we never were exactly sure about the organization of these calls and projects (s. However, they were well-publicized. We submitted and the work – as if magically – was displayed and documented. Sinclair Scripa is a great curator!

The work provides an incredible overview of the current mail art community and styles of art. We present scans of the material Tonya sent us, but you might also want to peruse the online documentation:




Sinclair 9.18.2018 - 2a



Sinclair 9.18.2018 - 3a



sinclair 9.17.2018 - 3





Sinclair 9.17.2018 - 4




Sinclair 9.18.2018 - 5



Sinclair 9.18.2018 - 1a



Sinclair 9.18.2018 - 4a


Deepest thanks to Sinclair Scripa!

MinXus Mail Bag: “Minkus” Collages by Jayne Lyons (Lakeville, Minnesota, USA)

Jayne - 9.14.2018 - 1

Mail art by Jayne Lyons (Lakeville, Minnesota, USA)


Tenderfoot Jayne B. Lyons is raising eyebrows in the Eternal Network with her spectacular collages, and she is nothing less than a raving sensation among the Trashpoets and DKulters.

As ever on your faithful MinXus-Lynxus pages we offer a big “I told you so,” a wink, and a secret Mink Ranch handshake. We predicted mail-art stardom for Jayne B. Lyons the minute we first saw her work. She has now blessed us with three strong, new beautiful collages we are thrilled to share. Even though Jayne has renamed our venerable movement “Minkus,” we see her as a kindred spirit as much as we can in this Post-MinXus age given her absorption in Trashpo.

Collage has been a tradition and a strength of the mail art network for over a half century. Jayne B. Lyons joins and is working within that tradition, offering both innovation and relevance. Our “reliable sources” tell us that Jayne is a diligent sleuth and scholar, digging into network history. This shows in her work. She knows many classic collage tropes and misses entirely the Tenderfoot peril of “reinventing the wheel.”

She also makes timely reference to current mail art trends and personalities. For instance, she sent a classic study of none other than Queen of Trashpo Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA). So let’s see if we can follow the iconography. We have DKult allusions in “Minkus” collage:


Jayne 9.14.2018 - 3


Diane Keys collage portrait by Jayne B. Lyons


Jayne B. Lyons also sent a not-so flattering portrait at the great yet elusive and extraordinarily handsome mail art genius De Villo Sloan. Unfortunately, Jayne did not allow the piece to dry properly and some sort of tissue paper is permanently attached to the piece. Perhaps this is actually an interesting interjection of “chance operations.”


Jayne 9.14.2018 - 2


Also in FAB mail art tradition, the large envelope is an excellent piece itself:


Jayne 9.16.2018 - 4


Jayne 9.16.2018 - 5


Deepest thanks to Jayne B. Lyons!

MinXus Mail Bag: More Mail for E’s Fan Club from Massimo Medola (Bologna, Italy)

Medola 8.30.2018 - 3

Add & pass sent by Massimo Medola (Bologna, Italy)


News of the (possible) tragic loss of the great E – Ambassador of Utopia (Guivry, France) swept through the network last year. For some reason, the venerable Mink Ranch was chosen as a destination for add & pass sheets memorializing E.

MinXus-Lynxus was proud to feature much work by E – Ambassador of Utopia in the past. He was a great and generous friend. Still, we have never been sure why we have been blessed to receive this material. All the same, rooted in our deep reverence for E, we have been pleased to receive and share these add & pass sheets. Some networkers have expressed the belief that E is still with us, and we hope that it is true and that he will re-emerge when ready.

We thought things had settled down concerning E when this new sheet arrived from Italy. So we share it and will dutifully pass it on (with the expectation it will return yet again).  Another sheet was also included:


Medola 8.30.2018 - 4


And the envelope:


Medola 8.30.2018 - 1



Medola 8.30.2018 - 2


Thank you Massimo Medola!

MinXus Mail Bag: Collage & Ephemera by Discoflux (Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA)

discoflux 8.28.2018 - 4

Mail art by Discoflux (Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA)


We holler a big “Howdy” and extend a secret MinXus handshake and a nod and a wink to Discoflux who brightens our ever-so-humble pages with this FAB collage, which she placed in the context of an altered greeting card. Here is how the card initially appears before you open it:


discoflux 8.28.2018 - 3


This mailing by Discoflux includes a Trashpo-like collection of material, but it is not all found un-altered. Very interesting redacted writing and an anagram are included:


discoflux 8.28.2018 -4a



discoflux 8.28.2018 - 6a


And the marvelous envelope:


discoflux 8.28.2018 - 1



discoflux 8.28.2018 - 2


Many thanks to Discoflux!

MinXus Mail Bag: Trashbook by Jean-Philippe Gilliot (St. Ghislain, Belgium)

Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 1

Mail art by Jean-Philippe Gilliot (Saint Ghislain, Belgium)


A warm welcome and a secret MinXus handshake are extended to Tenderfoot Jean-Philippe Gilliot of Belgium whose work graces our humble pages for the first time. Jean-Philippe Gilliott is a Tenderfoot here at MinXus-Lynxus but our research – as we are not traveling companions with this valiant slinger – indicates he is well-known in the network and has done much work of note.

We are thrilled he chose MinXus-Lynxus. Tenderfoots know we are huge fans of the great Belgian collage artists, poets and correspondence artists, among them Little Shiva, Thierry Tellier and Guido Vermeulen.

This piece sent by Jean-Philippe Gilliot appears to be nothing less than a brilliantly constructed Trashbook of the classic variety. This is the first Trashbook we have ever received from Belgium and we are absolutely thrilled!


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 2


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 3


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 4


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 5a


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 6


Jean-Philippe Gilliot included other items in the mailing separate from the Trashbook. These are interesting, mostly un-altered, found items, very similar to the ephemera included as a staple in a Trashpo mailing. We can only conclude this is intentionally Trashpo:


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 7


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 8


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 8a


And the FAB envelope:


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 9a


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 10a


Gilliot - 8.27.2018 - 11a


Deepest thanks to Jean-Philippe Gilliot!

Mail Art Mystery Bag

Bark trash 8.25.2018 - 5

Disintegrated bark fragment (with my address) rescued by the US Postal Service. Who sent it?


Postcards are endlessly wonderful, but it is also nice to receive physical objects via the mail. These “objects poems,” “found material,” “cryptic totems” – whatever you prefer to call them – are also a unique genre of mail art. I believe this propensity for sending objects is rooted in Fluxus but also not necessarily exclusive to those artists. The earlier generations of Fluxus folks mailed a lot of items that now can be viewed in museums and archives. The physicality and materiality of mail art cannot be reproduced in the digital realm. So this is another unique strength of mail art.

Conceptually, the work presented here is, to me anyway, very interesting and engaging. The artist/ poet mailed a “naked” piece of bark. Reminiscent of the Gutai interest in decomposition, the artwork deconstructed in the postal system. In fact, the postal system had a role in the destruction of the work. Going on intuition and the “littering” reference, I suspect the artist is aware of this work’s awesome conceptualism and s/he had a solid grounding in Trashpo, which incorporates many Fluxus and Gutai concepts.


Bark trash 8.25.2018 - 3


This, actually, is not the first piece of bark I have received as mail art. A picture of an actual piece of tree bark sent to me by Nancy Bell Scott (Maine, USA) will soon appear in a scholarly book on asemic writing published by a major university press.


Bark trash 8.25.2018 - 4



Bark trash 8.25.2018 - 2


A fun piece – many thanks. I would like to know who sent it!