All-Star Add & Pass Collection from Mars Tokyo (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

a&p - 1.25.2018 - 1

Add & Pass sheet sent by Mars Tokyo (Baltimore, Maryland)


The Add & Pass sheet is a unique mail art form that is rich in history and – based on these pieces sent by Mars Tokyo – alive and well today. These pages display some amazing material and provide a glimpse into the inner workings of the Eternal Network. Some have apparently been circulating for a while. Nor are these sheets complete! I am putting them back into circulation immediately.

Participants are mostly in the United States but not exclusively. I have tried to list the names of all contributors: Camel (USA); Fast Eyes (USA); Jon Foster (USA); Lord Fugue (USA); Dennis Gergel, Jr. (USA); Ed Giecek (USA); Haddock (USA); Nicholas Johnson (USA); E. Legrand (USA); C.Z. Lovecraft (USA); Susan McAllister (USA); Massimo Medola (Italy); Music Master (USA); Colin Scholl (USA); Mars Tokyo (USA); Lubomyr Tymkiv (Ukraine)….. and likely others.


a&p - 1.25.2018 - 2


a&p - 1.25.2018 - 3

Reverse side:

a&p - 1.25.2018 - 4


a&p - 1.25.2018 - 5

Reverse side:

a&p - 1.25.2018 - 6


a&p - 1.25.2018 - 7


a&p - 1.25.2018 - 8.jpg


a&p 1.25.2018 - 9


a&p 1.25.2018 - 10


a&p 1.25.2018 - 11


a&p 1.25.2018 - 12


Many thanks to Mars Tokyo and all the participants. These pieces will be back in circulation ASAP!


MinXus Mail Bag: Mail Art by Yayoi S.W. (Kirkland, Washington, USA)

Yayoi - 1.11.2017 - 1

Mail art by Yayoi S.W. (Kirkland, Washington, USA)


A HUGE (albeit belated) welcome and thank you to Yayoi S.W. who appears on the venerable pages of MinXus-Lynxus for the first time. Of course Yayoi S.W. receives the customary nod, wink and secret handshake extended to all new Tenderfoots.

As far as we know, Yayoi S.W. is a newcomer to the Eternal Network and is sending some FAB work through the postal system and posting some beautiful and interesting work at IUOMA-Ning. Yesterday we dispatched a package to Yayoi. So, clearly, we’re looking forward to exchanges in the future. Stay tuned!


Yayoi 1.11.2018 - 2




Mail Art Collab by Diane Keys and Richard Canard (Illinois, USA)

DK - Richard 1229.2017 - 1

Mail art collab by Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA) and Richard Canard (Carbondale, Illinois, USA)


This scan of a remarkable mail art collaboration by Diane Keys and Richard Canard has been circulating on Facebook in recent days to much acclaim. We’ve “appropriated” the image to share with M-L Tenderfoots and, generally, perhaps, to a wider and certainly more focused network audience than the FB shares reach.

We believe this is mail art of the “Instant Classic” variety that deserves even more attention than it is receiving. We cannot help but note a similarity the work of the late Susan McAllister (Berkeley, California, USA). Possibly this is intentional.

Congratulations to Diane Keys and Richard Canard!



Sea of DaDa by Mikel Untzilla (Euskadi, Spain)

Untzilla - 12.13.2017 - 1

Mail art by Mikel Untzilla (Euskadi, Spain)


Mikel Untzilla is a wonderfully inventive artist who has been very generous sharing his work with MinXus-Lynxus. We are thrilled to feature this new piece he sent that uses the ORIGINAL/COPY theme. We’re not exactly sure the source of the ORIGINAL/COPY art we see circulating (Joey Patrickt has been doing something similar), but we dearly adore the concept and the results we are seeing. Mikel Untzilla’s piece here is also a visual exploration of DaDaist metaphor – were such a thing possible or plausible – using the hammerhead shark. Mikel Untzilla’s work is always rich in texture and detail.

Untzilla - 12.13.2017 - 2

Many thanks to Mikel Untzilla!


MinXus Mail Bag: DSF Fest (Destroy) (Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)

DSF - 12.2.2017 - 1

Mail art by Dopesick San Francisco (DSF) aka Michael Kelly (Plymouth, Massachusetts. USA)


Here at the mink ranch we’ve been remiss in sharing work received from DSF: a perennial Tenderfoot fave. The drought has ended! So while this isn’t – we admit – actually a full-blown DSF festival we do present a gathering of diverse DSF pieces received during previous months for your viewing pleasure.

The top piece is classic DSF revealing the Punk anti-art aesthetic and, of course, an interest in dogs along with macabre popcult. Is Karina the Dog referenced here? We don’t know. (This would seem to be a postcard depicting an ambitious DSF painting or collage.)

DSF - 12.2.2017 - 2

And more DSF!

DSF - 12.2.2017 - 3

DSF - 12.2.2017 - 4

Thanks as ever to DSF!


MinXus Mail Bag: Classic Mudhead (Chris Reynolds) (Payson, Arizona, USA)

Mudhead - 11.18.2017 - 3

Mail art by Mudhead (aka Chris Reynolds) (Payson, Arizona, USA)


We are thrilled to document – even if a tad belated – correspondence art from the great Chris “Mudhead” Reynolds in Arizona. Mudhead’s totally original style and iconography are much in evidence here. Some of these images are also used as foundations for vispo collabs at Asemic Front.

Mudhead - 11.18.2017 - 5

A complete view of the opening scan:

Mudhead - 11.18.2017 - 2

Mudhead - 11.18.2017 - 1

Thanks as ever to Mudhead and look for the epic Mudhead-DVS collabs at Asemic Front!


MinXus Mail Bag: Post=MinXus by Moan Lisa (Iowa City, Iowa, USA)

Moan Lisa - 10.17.2017 - 11

Digital mail art by Moan Lisa (Iowa City, Iowa, USA)


Moan Lisa sent us this work in digital form. We have posted it elsewhere, so it might not be new to astute Tenderfoots. But we wanted to officially recognize it for what it is: A significant Post-MinXus work and give it proper and official documentation.

Thanks Moan!