MinXus Mail Bag: Asemics + Add & Pass by Yayoi S.W. (Kirkland, Washington, USA)

yayoi 5.14.2018 - 1Mail art by Yayoi S.W. (Kirkland, Washington, USA)


Yayoi S.W. is doing some FAB art which can be seen at IUOMA-Ning and elsewhere circulating in the Eternal Network. She has already participated in the Asemic Front project. We’re thrilled to have new asemics by Yayoi to share as well as an add & pass sheet she sent:


Yayoi S.W. front a&p


The reverse side:


yayoi - 5.14.2018 - 3

Add & Pass sheet contributors (so far): C.Z. Lovecraft (Massachusetts, USA); Brenda Berchey (North Carolina, USA); Maggie Mize (Texas, USA); Toni Antonetti (Illinois, USA); Yayoi S.W. (Washington State, USA)


Yayoi env


Deepest thanks to Yayoi S.W. !







State of Illusion: Copyart, Asemics & More by Richard Canard

Richard - 5.11.2018 - 1

Mail art by Richard Canard (Carbondale, Illinois, USA)


Richard Canard is a faithful and generous Mink Ranch correspondent to the point we cannot possibly document everything received from him, but we do try to choose a few plum gems from the laden branches of the C-Tree to share with Tenderfoots. How is that for a confused-mixed metaphor?


Richard - 5.11.2018 - 2Mail art by Richard Canard


Several copy art and asemic compositions by Richard caught our eye. As we have discussed before, Richard C is a master of avant forms and strategies. This includes copy art. So we’ll focus on the copyart aspect this time. He also has taken an interest in the current asemic craze, although some skepticism could possibly be detected.


Richard - 5.11.2018 - 3


Here is a large piece by Richard C that was composed last January. I believe it refers to a polar swim ritual, the kind that takes place around the turn of the year. Ruud Janssen and Litsa Spathi are the subjects of the work. The piece is so large I had to take it outside to get a good pic:


Richard - 5.11.2018 - 5a



Richard 5.11.2018 - 6Mail art by Richard Canard (Carbondale, Illinois, USA)



Richard - 5.11.2018 - 4“Asemioky” by Richard Canard


And another:


Richard - 5.11.2018 - 70008



Richard - 5.11.2018 - 8a


Many thanks to Richard C!

MinXus Mail Bag: Illustration by Ana Kawajiri (Brasilia, Brasil)

Ana - 5.7.2018 - 1Mail art by Ana Kawajiri (Brasilia, Brasil)


Last year (April 2017), mail art friend Ana Kawajiri sent me some absolutely FAB copy art. I used the occasion to write about Ana’s work as “conceptual copy art” and the posting drew a good deal of attention (in terms of how these things go). Here is a look at the previous work received from Ana Kawajiri. I believe this is worth a look:


More recently, Ana Kawajiri sent this wonderful illustration (above) along with a poem on the reverse side. This is a large-size postcard. This work is very different from the conceptual copy art and reveals that Ana has a very wide artistic range.



Ana - 5.7.2018 - 2



Ana - 5.7.2018 - 3

I look forward to keeping in touch with Ana Kawajiri!

MinXus Mail Bag: Rabbit Print by Lisa Fraker (Blue Ridge, Georgia, USA)

Fraker - 5.6.2018 - 1Mail art by Lisa Fraker (Blue Ridge, Georgia, USA)


A big HOWDY and a secret MinXus handshake are extended to Lisa Fraker of Georgia. We know all faithful Tenderfoots join us here at the ranch in celebrating Lisa’s first appearance upon the venerable MinXus-Lynxus blog. We hope to receive more mail from Lisa Fraker!

To us, Lisa is a Tenderfoot too. But we like what we see! We have seen her work at the venerable IUOMA-Ning platform and admire it very much. The piece to which we refer includes a wonderful rabbit as well. And behold! M-L has received this lovely card!

Rabbits are mail art talismans, icons, fetishes – however you wish to identify them specifically. Ray Johnson, of course, was the prime promoter of rabbits in the network originally. Recently, with the rise of Lord Phlegm as a DKult deity, we have seen a new incarnation of rabbit iconography.


Fraker - 5.6.2018 - 2


Deepest thanks to Lisa Fraker!



MinXus Mail Bag: “An experiment in Minimalism” by Erica Durante (Waldwick, New Jersey, USA)

Erica Durante 5.1.2018 - 1

Mail art by Erica Durante (Waldwick, New Jersey, USA)


Mink Ranch fave Erica Durante has released new colorful and beautifully composed mail art. M-L is thrilled to be the recipient of one of these pieces (above). In her kind note, she explains this work is an exploration of minimalism:


Erica Durante 5.1.2018 - 3


We note that Erica Durante frequently uses aesthetic themes to help produce a series (or simply batches) of mail art pieces. This particular venture into minimalism – we contend – is producing great results!

Minimalism has always been a latent factor in her work, and here it is brought to the forefront. The simple but wonderfully effective structure is outstanding. Of course, we point to asemic elements as well. The piece – we believe – also looks good from another perspective:


Erica Durante 5.1.2018 - 2


Deepest thanks to Erica Durante!




7-Year RK Mail Performance with Angie Cope & Snooker Continues (Wisconsin, USA)

Angie 4.5.2018 - 1Mail art by Angie Cope & Snooker the Amazing Mail Art Dog (Port Washington, Wisconsin, USA)


All my labors for art, and I end up as the straight guy in a performing dog act.

But seriously…

Seven years ago (more or less) inspired by Diane Keys and Rain Rien Nevermind, Angie Cope and I did a mail art exchange that became a performance piece. As usual, the whole thing is very convoluted. Some might still remember it. If not and if you have the time and inclination, you might want to look at the original documentation. And if you do click-in, don’t miss the comments section. It’ll bring a tear to your eye, as they say:


The whole thing re-emerged recently when Angie Cope asked for her stamps back. (You are not supposed to ask for people to return things in mail art!) I ( your still faithful Mink Rancher) sent one back and received the piece you see in this blog. These are the stamps:









Angie - 4.6.2018 good


Many thanks to Angie and Snooker!

All-Star Add & Pass Collection from Mars Tokyo (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

a&p - 1.25.2018 - 1

Add & Pass sheet sent by Mars Tokyo (Baltimore, Maryland)


The Add & Pass sheet is a unique mail art form that is rich in history and – based on these pieces sent by Mars Tokyo – alive and well today. These pages display some amazing material and provide a glimpse into the inner workings of the Eternal Network. Some have apparently been circulating for a while. Nor are these sheets complete! I am putting them back into circulation immediately.

Participants are mostly in the United States but not exclusively. I have tried to list the names of all contributors: Camel (USA); Fast Eyes (USA); Jon Foster (USA); Lord Fugue (USA); Dennis Gergel, Jr. (USA); Ed Giecek (USA); Haddock (USA); Nicholas Johnson (USA); E. Legrand (USA); C.Z. Lovecraft (USA); Susan McAllister (USA); Massimo Medola (Italy); Music Master (USA); Colin Scholl (USA); Mars Tokyo (USA); Lubomyr Tymkiv (Ukraine)….. and likely others.


a&p - 1.25.2018 - 2


a&p - 1.25.2018 - 3

Reverse side:

a&p - 1.25.2018 - 4


a&p - 1.25.2018 - 5

Reverse side:

a&p - 1.25.2018 - 6


a&p - 1.25.2018 - 7


a&p - 1.25.2018 - 8.jpg


a&p 1.25.2018 - 9


a&p 1.25.2018 - 10


a&p 1.25.2018 - 11


a&p 1.25.2018 - 12


Many thanks to Mars Tokyo and all the participants. These pieces will be back in circulation ASAP!