Lisa Fraker’s Mail Art Chosen for New MinXus Sticker! (Blue Ridge, Georgia, USA)

Fraker 6.18.2018 - 1Mail art by Lisa Fraker (Blue Ridge, Georgia, USA)


Not long ago, Tenderfoot Lisa Fraker’s Mink Ranch debut created a sensation here at (we just know it!) your fave correspondence art blog. Here’s a link:

The new piece (above) is so totally MinXus-Lynxus (in tune with our Western theme, our animal theme, the Post-MinXus Condition and all else Mink Ranch) that we have chosen to use it in an official MinXus sticker. How often does that happen?

Those who have traveled with us on the long, dusty trail a good stretch can appreciate what a great honor this is for Lisa Fraker. (We’ll give her all the credit and support we can!) Of course it is a great honor for us that an artist of Lisa’s talent is sharing her material with ever-unworthy M-L.

Observant Tenderfoots are also aware Lisa Fraker’s work has been creating a sensation at IUOMA-Ning, including “Happy Trails.” We are thrilled and deeply touched that Lisa Fraker thought to send an authentic “Happy Trails” to us. We fell in love with the piece when we first saw it in the IUOMA gallery.

Anyway, here is the main version of the sticker that will soon be going out on all official MinXus mail:


lisa dvs 6.18 - 31


Here are some variants:


lisa dvs 6.18 - 71


And the reverse side of Lisa Fraker’s wonderful card:


lisa dvs 6.18.2018 - 8a


Deepest thanks to Lisa Fraker!


MinXus Mail Bag: Rare Card by DSF (Dopesick San Francisco) (Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)

DSF - 6.16.2018 - 1Mail art by DSF (Dopesick San Francisco) aka Michael Kelly (Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)


Tenderfoots know DSF is a Mink Ranch fave. He is also a widely known artist/persona in the Eternal Network and beyond. We’re thrilled to share a new piece we consider “rare” in the sense that it falls outside the parameters of classic DSF images.

DSF’s mail art – usually using the postcard format – is widely recognizable throughout the network. Some of the images we might even dare call iconic. DSF draws from the darker side of popular culture and thus can lay claim to being a contemporary practitioner of the mail art popart aesthetic that can be traced back to Ray Johnson.

And even more defining, DSF works in the postavant Punk aesthetic, riff with musical references that expand the Johnson/Warhol canon considerably. Anyone familiar with mail art and zines from the 70s and 80s are aware of the profound impact of Punk in mail art history.

DSF is – in our estimation – one of the best contemporary practitioners of the underground Punk aesthetic. But he is not simply someone from that era who survived. In fact, we suspect DSF was not even active in the network during that Golden Age. Rather, he brings new life and resonance to an artistic strand that – we believe- has not yet been fully appreciated.

Here is some old DSF material to give you a context:



DSF - 2.17.2018 - 5Mail art by DSF (Dopesick San Francisco) aka Michael Kelly (Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)


DSF - 1.15.2016 - 1


And here is the reverse side of the “Suffer” card:


DSF - 6.16.2018 - 2


Thanks as ever to DSF!

MinXus Mail Bag: At Least Jimmy Connors Loves Us (Berlin, Germany)

Jimmy 6.14.2018 - 1.JPG

Mail art by Jimmy Connors (Berlin, Germany)


Do not misunderstand: We like Jimmy Connors’ mail art and are thrilled he sends it to us (a lot of it, in fact). But who the hell is Jimmy Connors? Can anyone elaborate?

We tend to know networkers, but Jimmy Connors is a total mystery. And with all the fake identities, we (in a paranoid way) are not sure Jimmy Conners is Jimmy Conners. You know? Anyway, here is a quick gloss of work the ever-faithful Jimmy Connors has been sending over the months.

Jimmy Connors tends to send post-card size collage. Here’s a more structured look at some of the pieces:


Jimmy 6.14.2018 - 2a



Jimmy 6.14.2018 - 3

Mail art by Jimmy Connors (Berlin, Germany)


Jimmy 6.14.2018 - 4



Jimmy 6.14.2018 - 5


But Jimmy Connors sends larger pieces as well. This piece seems to be Trashpo (aka DKUNST) because the envelope is filled with a lot of scrap material. The envelope is very interesting:


Jimmy 6.14.2018 - 6.JPG

Mail art by Jimmy Connors (Berlin, Germany)


Jimmy 6.14.2018 - 7



Jimmy 6.14.2018 - 8

Mail art by Jimmy Connors (Berlin, Germany)


Jimmy 6.14.2018 - 9



Jimmy 6.14.2018 - 10a


Deepest thanks to Jimmy Connors!

MinXus Mail Bag: E’s Fan Club News + Mail Art for “Miss Norma”

E Fan Club - 6.13.2018 - 1Mail art from France concerning E’s Fan Club. Note use of E’s famous muzzled mink stamp.


Our beloved Mink Ranch – alas – is becoming a Dead Letter Office for non-existent people.

We received this piece concerning E – Ambassador of Utopia that might answer some questions concerning the fate of E. More likely, this only raises more questions in what is becoming a great mail art mystery. We can only hope E – Ambassador of Utopia endures. And we lament and mourn his loss if our worst fears are true.


E's Fan Club 6.13.2018 - 2


Another add & pass (supposedly begun by Miss Noma) was returned to Monty Cantsin at our post office box. (The whole thing is so preposterous and convoluted that it is not really worth attempting to explain.) Note this envelope was intended for our dear friend Alicia Starr in Iowa, USA. We will try to remember to pass it along to her:


E's Fan Club 6.13.2018 - 3


E's Fan Club 6.13.2018 - 4


E's Fan Club 6.13.2018 - 5

Miss Noma add & pass sheet for E’s Fan Club intended for Alicia Starr Ryan (Iowa, USA). Note E’s iconic “Highway to Hell” stamp.


This mail art we received for “Miss Norma” by Kayenderes might or might not be related to E’s Fan Club in some non-linear way:


Kendra 6.13.2018 - 1

Mail art by Kayenderes (Hogansburg, New York, USA/Quebec, Canada)


Included in the wonderful material sent by Kayenderes was this add & pass apparently begun by famed networker Ed Giecek:


Kendra 6.13.2018 - 2

Add & Pass begun by Ed Giecek (Concrete, Washington State, USA) with additions by Kayenderes (Hogansburg, New York, USA)


And the reverse:


Kendra - 6.13.2018 - 3


Many thanks to all who contributed!




MinXus Mail Bag: Manuel Xio Blanco Completes Add & Pass for E’s Fan Club

Miguel 6.3.2018 - 1Add & Pass sheet completed by Manuel Xio Blanco (Galicia, Spain) for E’s Fan Club. Starter by Monty Cantsin


We’re coming to accept the fact that the Mink Ranch has become North American headquarters for E’s Fan Club, which is being managed from some unknown, distant location by Monty Cantsin and Karen Eliot.

We received this very interesting E’s Fan Club a&p from Manuel Xio Blanco. We are not familiar with this artist, but a quick search reveals he is active and legitimate. Here is a closer look. Very interesting collage and stamps:


Miguel 6.3.2018 - 2

Miguel 6.3.2018 - 3

The envelop:

Miguel 6.3.2018 - 4


Miguel 6.3.2018 - 5


We’ll keep you posted on the E’s Fan Club mystery.


MinXus Mail Bag: Fake Copy Art by Jayne B. Lyons + Jon Foster A&P + More! (Lakeville, Minnesota, USA)

Jayne - 6.1.2018 - 3Mail art by Jayne B. Lyons (Lakeville, Minnesota, USA)


A warm “Howdy” and a secret MinXus handshake are extended to Jayne B. Lyons out in Lakeville, Minnesota on this, her first appearance upon the venerable Mink Ranch blog. We are so pleased to receive her mail art!

We have already made Jayne’s acquaintance via the equally venerable IUOMA-Ning site. We find Jayne engaging, curious about mail art history and – apparently – a born pack rat who collects and deals in vintage ephemera including stamps. This is a promising profile indeed for an artist bound for Eternal Network glory.

The truth of this potential is self-evident in this fascinating and entertaining retro-copy art (above) Jayne. B. Lyons so kindly sent. The “fake” theme is pronounced. She has managed to create a seamless piece that is – all at once – vintage, retro and postavant. FAB!!!

Jayne - 6.1.2018 - 7.jpgAdd & Pass sheet started by Jon Foster (North Carolina, USA) circulated by Jayne B. Lyons


The Eternal Network seems to be experiencing a Platinum Age of the Add & Pass. We’ve never received so many A&Ps from such a wide variety of places in such a short period of time. Jayne B. Lyons included several A&Ps in her missive including this piece begun by Jon Foster. We are so glad Jayne has connected with Jon Foster! He is a great network contact.


Jayne - 6.1.2018 - 9


Jayne B. Lyons created this A&P. She has access to and a good eye for some great images:


Jayne - 6.1.2018 - 4


Jayne also did FAB envelope art:


Jayne - 6.1.2018 - 1


Jayne - 6.1.2018 - 2


Deepest thanks to Jayne B. Lyons!




Richard Baudet Rejects E’s Fan Club – Harangues Monty Cantsin (Marseille, France)

Richard - 5.31.2018 - 3Add & Pass by Karen Eliot for E’s Fan Club sent by Richard Baudet (Marseille, France). Baudet apparently believes I am a person named “Montey Cantsin.”


This is what can happen with fake identity mail art pranks.

First, several years ago I vowed never to have any contact in any way with Richard Baudet (Marseille, France) after he rudely insulted my good friend Moan Lisa (Florida, USA).

From a distance, mail art might seem like a utopian community of thousands trading art blissfully. Even a little involvement reveals – sadly – that not everyone gets along in the network. This is yet another human activity with human flaws. The best we can do is aspire to something better and not accentuate our disagreements. (After all, most cultural endeavors are war zones.) We learn it’s just better to avoid people who annoy and offend us. That’s what I have done with Richard Baudet.

I know Richard Baudet has many IUOMA friends. Indeed, he might even be considered popular. That’s great! Really! This proves there is room in the network for everyone. I applaud Richard Baudet and his admirers. I made it clear years ago that I find him rude and revolting during a debate that broke out on the IUOMA-Ning platform. Now we keep a safe distance. I know there are people who hate my guts; it’s just a thing that happens.

However, as a result of this E’s Fan Club multiple user identity “performance” where I have been identified as Monty Cantsin by a mystery mail artist, I received this characteristically charming (deep sarcasm) but unwanted letter from my old nemesis Richard Baudet. I doubt he realizes that I am the recipient:


Baudet - 5.31.2018 - 1


This is my problems with Richard Baudet. Why wouldn’t he take five minutes and honor E – Ambassador of Utopia? Isn’t mail art about mutual support and helping each other rather than back-biting competition? Why would he make a point of writing, “I am not ‘E’ fan club”? Furthermore, he opens his letter “IUOMA.” Does he speak for IUOMA? He seems to be suggesting that. Whatever. I assume some of this is a “comedy of errors.” Here is the full sheet he sent. I’ll have to do something with it:



Baudet - 5.31.2018 - 2



Richard Baudet - 5.31.2018 - 5



Baudet - 5.31.2018 - 8


I look upward to heaven where I am sure my friend – E – Ambassador of Utopia – sits upon a ruby throne looking down upon me. “My dear friend,” I ask him, ” why do you let this happen to me? I know there is a reason. But I shall champion you and support you as I did when you were here with me in this tarnished world.”