MinXus Mail Bag: Mother of All Trashbooks by Neil Gordon (Connecticut, USA) & Diane Keys (Illinois, USA)

Trashbook by Neil Gordon (Connecticut, USA) & Diane Keys (Illinois, USA)


Here at MinXus-Lynxus we have long-maintained that the Trashbook is among Trashpo’s most important contributions to the arts. Trashbook history has been made upon these humble pages before, and we are now thrilled to share this Instant Classic that brings the Trashbook form again to the forefront of the Network: A hefty Trashbook collab by Neil Gordon and Diane Keys.

Newer Tenderfoots might not be familiar with Neil Gordon, the primary author of My Favorite Color is Twilight. More seasoned travelers on the long and circuitous trail know Neil Gordon as an authentic “Legend of Trashpo” and a DharmaDaDa who is a disciple of the great German Beatnik Erni Baer. Neil Gordon took a leave of absence from mail art for several years (a not unusual occurrence among networkers) after an extraordinary run during the formative days of Trashpo. Now he is back. I am not aware of other collabs between Diane Keys and Neil Gordon, so this is indeed a special occasion.

Next is a representative page from My Favorite Color is Twilight. They go on and on like this, and I assume these pages are written by Neil Gordon:

Diane Keys stuffed another Trashbook and other assorted ephemera into Neil Gordon’s book, turning this into the Moby Dick of Trashpo:

Trashpo by Diane Keys (Illinois, USA) included in Trashbook by Neil Gordon (Connecticut, USA)

Many thanks to Neil and Diane!


MinXus Mail Bag: Collage Collabs by Bonniediva (Illinois, USA) & De Villo Sloan (New York, USA)

Mail art by Bonniediva (Gurnee, Illinois, USA) & De Villo Sloan (Auburn, New York, USA)

Collage Diva Bonniediva and Mink Ranch legend De Villo Sloan joined forces with vintage advertising to produce these two large (8.5 X 11 inches) collages. Bonniediva wrote in a note that came with the pieces: “I love a theme or challenge. I use humor to show some of the terrible ads which targeted women. They border on the surreal! Most of these [Bonniediva’s image contributions] come from a wonderful collection of True Story magazines, 1934…”

From the envelope:

Many thanks to Bonniediva!

Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Artist Stamps by Bradford (Deadwood, South Dakota, USA) w/ Gina Ulgen (UK)

Artist stamps by Bradford (Deadwood, South Dakota, USA)


I called the Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call “The Greatest Show on Earth,” which was hyperbole of course. But it was a wonderful, wonderful experience. Friends both old and new sent incredible work and it just kept coming! The KoT is, I believe, one of the great monuments erected to Trashpo and DKult. The entire show is archived here at MinXus-Lynxus, and I plan to document it elsewhere for posterity.

Gu (Gina Ulgen) of Norwich, Norfolk, UK provided an image that defined the KOT “brand” perfectly (see stamp). I made it into a sticker and it appeared widely during the show. Bradford of Deadwood, South Dakota, USA turned Gina’s image into exquisite stamps. Some time ago he sent me three sheets, which I am now sharing. (Please excuse the delay.)

Bradford is a phenomenal stamp maker and highly regarded in the Eternal Network. I am not particularly strong in the stamp area of mail art, so I’ll refrain from going much deeper than saying I am a big fan of his work. He is very active on the IUOMA-Ning platform and very supportive of other artists, which is a quality I admire very much too.

The envelope showcases more Bradford work:

The Fluxus stamps are not to be missed:

Now let us, as they say, “talk turkey” concerning the ongoing Kot clean up. I know I promised a lot to people in order to get that great work for the show. I’ve sent some hefty missives in reply, but I have hardly completed my responses. I have three sheets of Bradford KoT stamps, and will be glad to share them (in small quantities of course) with KoT participants. If you especially want some of these amazing stamps make sure to contact me. Otherwise, I will share them as I think is appropriate. I just can’t see filing these away.

Many thanks to Bradford!

MinXus Mail Bag: Fashionably Late Post of Work by Lorraine Kwan (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Mail art by Lorraine Kwan (Vancouver, British Columbia, USA)


These FAB images of work by Lorraine Kwan have already received online attention. But we do want to acknowledge the snail mail versions have arrived at MinXus-Lynxus and share them with anyone who has not yet had the pleasure of engaging with them. We also want to document these remarkable pieces from our own perspective. The m-a is in a large postcard-size format with lots of emphasis on stamps and stamp-size panels. Here is the address side:

Lorraine Kwan is a highly regarded Canadian networker. She combines another talent – perhaps her “day job” – with her visual art to make something truly unique: Lorraine Kwan is a fashion designer and creator of the extraordinary garments you see here. She has been very successful at combining mail art with fashion. We know of at least one call she has done using the theme, and there have likely been many others. Here is the main panel:

Mail art by Lorraine Kwan (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Detail study:




Deepest thanks to Lorraine Kwan!



MinXus Mail Bag: Bagism, Conceptualism, Rayjo Stamp & More by Giselle Brewton (San Francisco, California, USA)

Mail art by Giselle Brewton (San Francisco, California, USA)


You can meet the most interesting and talented people via the Eternal Network. This is certainly the case with Giselle Brewton who brings radiance to our humble page today.

Giselle Brewton is known to many. You can find her marvelous work easily on the internet. Australian born, she attended art school in San Francisco and remains a NoCal resident.  Sometimes, here at the Mink Ranch, we’re the last to know about a good thing. Giselle Brewton is a great discovery for us. We adore her work. The conceptual nature of “Disassemble” is FAB. (We see a lot of Fluxus in this too – an Event Score more or less.)

And Giselle Brewton is a practitioner of Bagism! That is an esoteric and admirable practice, perfect for the mail art genre where Bagism persists. And Tenderfoots know Bagism persists here at MinXus-Lynxus. Among her many accomplishments, Giselle Brewton’s involvement with a Bagism zine is of much interest to us. This is worth a look:


And more. A great card:

The reverse:


All in all, a brilliantly done m-a composition! Thanks to Giselle. We look forward to more exchanges.


MinXus Mail Bag: “Make Them” with Bonniediva (Gurnee, Illinois, USA)

Mail art by Bonniediva (Gurnee, Illinois, USA)

Bonniediva became an instant Mink Ranch sweetheart with her first missive some months ago. You Tenderfoots loved it, and so did we. Now we are thrilled to have this second piece as a FAB follow up. To us, Bonniediva has skated through the “Terrible Twos” (that ever-challenging follow-up when your first piece was smashing.) Over time, it’s great to get to know our Mink Ranch friends better. On the reverse side, Bonniediva shared some info on her artistic philosophy:

Who would have thought Bonniediva approached her incredible collage with Eye-rony? But then is she not a member of the IUOMA? Ironic Union of Mail Artists? We are just joking. We love Bonniediva’s work. We’ll take it.

Deepest thanks to Bonniediva! A special package on the way to you!

MinXus Mail Bag: Add & Pass Sheets + More by Joey Patrickt (Oakland, California, USA)

Moan Lisa a&p sheet from Joey Patrickt (Oakland, California, USA)


Here is a selection of pieces from Mink Ranch regular Joey Patrickt. We have added some Kulter material to the Moan Lisa add and pass. Other contributors to the piece are Jon Foster (North Carolina, USA), Toni Hanner (Oregon, USA) and – of course – Dkult Joey:

Another add and pass that seems to originate with Jon Foster:

The reverse:

Now here is some solo work by Joey Patrickt:

Here is a closer look at the stamp aka the “DKULTJoey stamp”:

A piece of copy art in the grand tradition of mail art copyart:

As ever, thanks to Joey Patrickt and DKULTJoey!