MinXus Mail Bag: Post-Victorian DaDa by Gin (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA)

Mail art by Gin (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA)

Over several years, Gin has become a wonderful correspondent via snail mail and online. Her respites from the Eternal Network are lamented by all. Her returns are triumphant. I am so pleased to have received this lovely piece from her, as she appears to be working overtime connecting and re-connecting.

Gin’s art is authentic and sincere. I always marvel at the positive reception she receives. In this piece, I am particularly impressed with the poetry. At the risk of being vague I would offer the observation: Just when you think you have Gin figured out (artistically) she opens some door you never imagined was there that leads to some breathtaking and previously unknown depth.

A quick glance might lead one to consider Gin the maker of very fine greeting cards. (Nothing wrong with that.) But all I can say is: Look closely. These are not greeting cards. They might not fit into conventional categories such as DaDa, Surrealism or Deconstruction. Maybe “Outsider” is the most applicable term. But they take you to a place where no greeting card would dare to take you and they explore emotional states and contrived sentiments. Gin is a Romantic in the sense that I believe her work is all about feeling, and things work best when you just follow where her art takes you. What I find at the core of it is a great and generous love.

I’ve tried to maneuver myself to the topic of Victorian DaDa. Gin has created a mail art movement that has some legs. (I am flattered to say she based her idea on a random comment I made.) I do not want to associate Gin forever with Victorian DaDa. I doubt she wants that. I do not believe this piece she sent is Victorian DaDa, so I playfully used Post-Victorian DaDa in the title.

I am deeply moved by this wonderful piece, and it’s great to see Gin in the mail again!

MinXus Mail Bag: “Astronomy for Dogs” by Tiina (aka Tina) Kainulainen (Helsinki, Finland)

Mail art by Tiina Kainulainen (Helsinki, Finland)

A huge “Howdy,” a wink and a secret MinXus handshake go out to Tiina Kainulainen of Helsinki. She kindly sent this FAB collage, which marks her first appearance upon this humble blog. Do we have another Carina Granlund blossoming? No. No one can ever be Carina Granlund other than Carina Granlund. But we deeply value making new friends in Finland.

Many thanks to Tina (Tiina)

Karnival of Trash: “Almanaque of Trash” by Pretorei Productions (Joe Oliveira) (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Mail art by Pretorei Productions (Joe Oliveira) (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

I am thrilled to be able to document another stunning contribution to the Trashbook form inspired by the Karnival of Trash. Pretorei Productions in Brazil – which I believe is an artist named Joe Oliveira – has created an epical work. The range and scale is so expansive that I am only able to present excerpts. The images are incredibly engaging.

Mail art by Pretorei Productions (Joe Oliveira) (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

A book within the book:

Mail art by Pretorei Productions (Joe Oliveira) (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Many thanks to Pretorei Productions and Joe Oliveira!



Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Trashpo Gutai by Tomoe Nakamura (Osaka, Japan)


Mail art by Tomoe Nakamura (Osaka, Japan)

In Trashpo circles, Japanese trash is a rare commodity: often discussed, seldom seen. In these, the final hours of the Karnival of Trash, Tomoe Nakamura has sent a masterpiece that will surely be pure magic to the Trashpo fan. Coming in the wake of Wendy Rodgers’ work, I note a strong Gutai element in this piece, which is grounded in classic Trashpo. Conceptual art, minimalism and Fluxus contribute to the aesthetic. Above all else, Tomoe Nakamura’s bag is wonderfully subtle and sensual.

Tomoe Nakamura is a very fine and serious painter. Fortunately for the Eternal Network, she has an interest in mail art and participates in various ways. Most of the contents of the envelope:

Tomoe - 6.5.2017 - 4

Individual “performances” are within:

Tomoe - 6.5.20`17 - 5

Mail art by Tomoe Nakamura (Osaka, Japan)

Tomoe - 6.5.2017 - 6

Mail art by Tomoe Nakamura (Osaka, Japan)

Many thanks to Tomoe Nakamura!

Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: TrAshemics by Lorraine Kwan (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Mail art by Lorraine Kwan (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Lorraine Kwan is well-known in the Eternal Network. I am a fan, especially, of her fashion-focused and textile work. I am thrilled to have a Lorraine Kwan piece for the Karnival of Trash.

Ever thoughtful, Lorraine sent a textual work that emphasizes Trashpo’s true place as a form of visual poetry as well as its connection to asemics. Lorraine Kwan has clearly done her homework and uses the great Trashpo Tropes with skill, including Listpo, D-Khaos, Shredpo, distortion, and others. (The work is a postcard-size photo and that adds to the distortion.

Deepest thanks to Lorraine Kwan!


MinXus Mail Bag: Correspondence from Germany by Fluxus Reporter Jessica Manack (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Mail art by Jessica Manack (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Would the venerable MinXus-Lynxus blog – your faithful and always reliable gateway to the inner machinations of the Eternal Network – ever stoop to ride the coattails of the sensational celebrity of a mail artist who is currently “the toast of the town”? Would the work of named “toast of the town” inexplicably rise (with a bullet) to the top of our “Fab Faves” pile?

Absolutely! If you know us, you’ve seen this favoritism many times before.

Jessica Manack is currently receiving justifiable attention and praise on the internet for her video coverage of Fluxfest in Chicago. It just so happens she sent us a card from Germany some weeks ago, and this is possibly the first time many networkers have actually seen mail art by Jessica. She certainly is a supportive presence, and it’s nice to discover she is a talent too. Now we reveal the personal message Jessica sent before her Fluxfest coverage began:

Here is a link to Jessica Manack’s Fluxfest coverage. The link will take you to Fluxlist on Facebook, and you will need to scroll down to find Jessica’s posts (best we could do):


Many thanks to Jessica Manack!