Artist’s Book “Porn” by Nadia Aroca (Barcelona, Spain)

Nadia 11.17.2018 - cov

Mail art by Nadia Aroca (Barcelona, Spain)


Nadia Aroca is a wonderful correspondent. She has been featured heavily on Asemic Front. Now we are thrilled to be able to document an artist’s book she sent here on the ever-humble MinXus-Lynxus blog.

Nadia Aroca’s work tends toward image-text and this work, Porn, can be viewed as visual poetry and has asemic elements. The pages are made with a resilient gold and silver foil, which adds an element of materiality and a pronounced book-as-object aesthetic.

Aroca’s book plays on the “All that glitters is not gold” maxim, yet Porn – as we hope the photos capture – radiates a genuine beauty that – we believe – is neither tawdry nor tarnished. The imagery is primal (some might say archetypal) and in places there is a correspondence with letters and symbols, but Porn is essentially non-linear, which contributes greatly to its success.


Nadia 11.17.2018 - 2

Cover of artist’s book by Nadia Aroca


Nadia 11.17.2018 - 3



Nadia 11.17.2018 - 4.JPG


Nadia Aroca 11.17.2018 - 5

Porn, an artist’s book by Nadia Aroca


Nadia 11.17.2018 - 6



Nadia 11.17.2018 - 7



Nadia 11.17.2018 - 8



Nadia 11.17.2018 - 9

By Nadia Aroca (Barcelona, Spain)


Nadia 11.17.2018 - 10



Nadia 11.17.2018 - 11



Nadia 11.17.2018 - 12



Nadia 11.17.2018 - 13

By Nadia Aroca


Nadia 11.17.2018 - 14.JPG


Nadia 11.17.2018 - 15


Nadia 11.17.2018 - 16



Lisa dvs 6.18.2018 - 21


MinXus Mail Bag: Asemics + Add & Pass by Yayoi S.W. (Kirkland, Washington, USA)

yayoi 5.14.2018 - 1Mail art by Yayoi S.W. (Kirkland, Washington, USA)


Yayoi S.W. is doing some FAB art which can be seen at IUOMA-Ning and elsewhere circulating in the Eternal Network. She has already participated in the Asemic Front project. We’re thrilled to have new asemics by Yayoi to share as well as an add & pass sheet she sent:


Yayoi S.W. front a&p


The reverse side:


yayoi - 5.14.2018 - 3

Add & Pass sheet contributors (so far): C.Z. Lovecraft (Massachusetts, USA); Brenda Berchey (North Carolina, USA); Maggie Mize (Texas, USA); Toni Antonetti (Illinois, USA); Yayoi S.W. (Washington State, USA)


Yayoi env


Deepest thanks to Yayoi S.W. !






MinXus Mail Bag: “An experiment in Minimalism” by Erica Durante (Waldwick, New Jersey, USA)

Erica Durante 5.1.2018 - 1

Mail art by Erica Durante (Waldwick, New Jersey, USA)


Mink Ranch fave Erica Durante has released new colorful and beautifully composed mail art. M-L is thrilled to be the recipient of one of these pieces (above). In her kind note, she explains this work is an exploration of minimalism:


Erica Durante 5.1.2018 - 3


We note that Erica Durante frequently uses aesthetic themes to help produce a series (or simply batches) of mail art pieces. This particular venture into minimalism – we contend – is producing great results!

Minimalism has always been a latent factor in her work, and here it is brought to the forefront. The simple but wonderfully effective structure is outstanding. Of course, we point to asemic elements as well. The piece – we believe – also looks good from another perspective:


Erica Durante 5.1.2018 - 2


Deepest thanks to Erica Durante!




Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: TrAshemics by Lorraine Kwan (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Mail art by Lorraine Kwan (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Lorraine Kwan is well-known in the Eternal Network. I am a fan, especially, of her fashion-focused and textile work. I am thrilled to have a Lorraine Kwan piece for the Karnival of Trash.

Ever thoughtful, Lorraine sent a textual work that emphasizes Trashpo’s true place as a form of visual poetry as well as its connection to asemics. Lorraine Kwan has clearly done her homework and uses the great Trashpo Tropes with skill, including Listpo, D-Khaos, Shredpo, distortion, and others. (The work is a postcard-size photo and that adds to the distortion.

Deepest thanks to Lorraine Kwan!


MinXus Lost Weeked: Painting Cut-Up & Vispo by Cheryl Penn (Durban, South Africa)

Mail art by Cheryl Penn (Durban, South Africa)

Here is a new feature for older work called the “MinXus Lost Weekend.” I have found a large cache of work that, for whatever reason, was never documented (to the best of my knowledge anyway). Actually, I find it hard to believe that this material has eluded the scanner. I will start this irregular feature with some classic and amazing work by Cheryl Penn from the era of the “Authentic Massacre Of the Innocent Image Series.” The long and dusty trail becomes, for a moment, a wistful walk down the memory path. Let’s go back to August 2012.

Belated thanks to Cheryl Penn!





New Work by Nancy Bell Scott (South Portland, Maine, USA)

MinXus-Lynxus is thrilled to share a sampling of new compositions by Nancy Bell Scott, a network fave and legendary member of the Martha Stuart School of Asemic Wallpaper and Cheryl Penn’s vispo book projects, among other credits.


“alternative contra country dance” by Nancy Bell Scott


from “alternative facts” by Nancy Bell Scott (click to enlarge)


“but you promised” by Nancy Bell Scott


“we’re still here” by Nancy Bell Scott


“call me” by Nancy Bell Scott


“take note” by Nancy Bell Scott


“asemic legend” by Nancy Bell Scott

Deepest thanks to NBS for granting M-L permission to share these exciting new pieces!

Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Asemic Trashpo (Trashemics) by Chris Wells (Columbus, Ohio, USA)


Mail art by Chris Wells (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

Chris Wells has earned a solid place in the latest wave or “Neueste Wache” of visual poets, many of whom are inclined to explore asemics. At the same time, he participates in the culturally egalitarian Eternal Network and has clearly incorporated, with some thought, Trashpo concepts into his work. After all, Trashpo is a form of visual poetry pioneered by none other than Jim Leftwich. Beneath the anti-art posturing, something of value – indeed – might be found in Trashpo; I am convinced. This work Chris Wells sent specifically for the Karnival of Trash is an interesting example of Trashpo’s possibilities realized. Asemic elements are present, as this close-in reveals:


And the reverse:




Many thanks to Chris Wells for making the Karnival of Trash the greatest show on earth!