MinXus Mail Bag: More Mail for E’s Fan Club from Massimo Medola (Bologna, Italy)

Medola 8.30.2018 - 3

Add & pass sent by Massimo Medola (Bologna, Italy)


News of the (possible) tragic loss of the great E – Ambassador of Utopia (Guivry, France) swept through the network last year. For some reason, the venerable Mink Ranch was chosen as a destination for add & pass sheets memorializing E.

MinXus-Lynxus was proud to feature much work by E – Ambassador of Utopia in the past. He was a great and generous friend. Still, we have never been sure why we have been blessed to receive this material. All the same, rooted in our deep reverence for E, we have been pleased to receive and share these add & pass sheets. Some networkers have expressed the belief that E is still with us, and we hope that it is true and that he will re-emerge when ready.

We thought things had settled down concerning E when this new sheet arrived from Italy. So we share it and will dutifully pass it on (with the expectation it will return yet again).  Another sheet was also included:


Medola 8.30.2018 - 4


And the envelope:


Medola 8.30.2018 - 1



Medola 8.30.2018 - 2


Thank you Massimo Medola!


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