MinXus Mail Bag: Collage & Ephemera by Discoflux (Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA)

discoflux 8.28.2018 - 4

Mail art by Discoflux (Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA)


We holler a big “Howdy” and extend a secret MinXus handshake and a nod and a wink to Discoflux who brightens our ever-so-humble pages with this FAB collage, which she placed in the context of an altered greeting card. Here is how the card initially appears before you open it:


discoflux 8.28.2018 - 3


This mailing by Discoflux includes a Trashpo-like collection of material, but it is not all found un-altered. Very interesting redacted writing and an anagram are included:


discoflux 8.28.2018 -4a



discoflux 8.28.2018 - 6a


And the marvelous envelope:


discoflux 8.28.2018 - 1



discoflux 8.28.2018 - 2


Many thanks to Discoflux!


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