MinXus Mail Bag: Welcome barbargirl (Key West, Florida, USA)

barbargiel 8.21.2018 - 1

Mail art by barbargirl (Key West, Florida, USA)


A big “Howdy” and a secret MinXus handshake are extended to barbargirl who makes her debut at the humble Mink Ranch with this lovely and beautifully composed, post-card-size collage.

IUOMA-Ning is experiencing yet another wave of new talent. These artists are enriching the network and we are seeing distinctive talents and approaches emerge. We think of barbargirl as part of this new new wave. With time, perhaps we will be able to learn more about her and her art. These artists are proving beyond a doubt that the cynical purveyors of gloom who constantly proclaim the death of mail art are false prophets.

barbargirl’s collage, in addition to revealing an astute eye for powerful imagery, shows some very interesting subtlety and layering with the use of stamps and small fragments. Many of the shapes and lines are asemic-suggestive.


bar bar girl 8.20.2018 - 2


Deepest thanks to barbargirl!


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