Lisa Fraker’s Mail Art Chosen for New MinXus Sticker! (Blue Ridge, Georgia, USA)

Fraker 6.18.2018 - 1Mail art by Lisa Fraker (Blue Ridge, Georgia, USA)


Not long ago, Tenderfoot Lisa Fraker’s Mink Ranch debut created a sensation here at (we just know it!) your fave correspondence art blog. Here’s a link:

The new piece (above) is so totally MinXus-Lynxus (in tune with our Western theme, our animal theme, the Post-MinXus Condition and all else Mink Ranch) that we have chosen to use it in an official MinXus sticker. How often does that happen?

Those who have traveled with us on the long, dusty trail a good stretch can appreciate what a great honor this is for Lisa Fraker. (We’ll give her all the credit and support we can!) Of course it is a great honor for us that an artist of Lisa’s talent is sharing her material with ever-unworthy M-L.

Observant Tenderfoots are also aware Lisa Fraker’s work has been creating a sensation at IUOMA-Ning, including “Happy Trails.” We are thrilled and deeply touched that Lisa Fraker thought to send an authentic “Happy Trails” to us. We fell in love with the piece when we first saw it in the IUOMA gallery.

Anyway, here is the main version of the sticker that will soon be going out on all official MinXus mail:


lisa dvs 6.18 - 31


Here are some variants:


lisa dvs 6.18 - 71


And the reverse side of Lisa Fraker’s wonderful card:


lisa dvs 6.18.2018 - 8a


Deepest thanks to Lisa Fraker!


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