MinXus Mail Bag: Manuel Xio Blanco Completes Add & Pass for E’s Fan Club

Miguel 6.3.2018 - 1Add & Pass sheet completed by Manuel Xio Blanco (Galicia, Spain) for E’s Fan Club. Starter by Monty Cantsin


We’re coming to accept the fact that the Mink Ranch has become North American headquarters for E’s Fan Club, which is being managed from some unknown, distant location by Monty Cantsin and Karen Eliot.

We received this very interesting E’s Fan Club a&p from Manuel Xio Blanco. We are not familiar with this artist, but a quick search reveals he is active and legitimate. Here is a closer look. Very interesting collage and stamps:


Miguel 6.3.2018 - 2

Miguel 6.3.2018 - 3

The envelop:

Miguel 6.3.2018 - 4


Miguel 6.3.2018 - 5


We’ll keep you posted on the E’s Fan Club mystery.



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