MinXus Mail Bag: Fake Copy Art by Jayne B. Lyons + Jon Foster A&P + More! (Lakeville, Minnesota, USA)

Jayne - 6.1.2018 - 3Mail art by Jayne B. Lyons (Lakeville, Minnesota, USA)


A warm “Howdy” and a secret MinXus handshake are extended to Jayne B. Lyons out in Lakeville, Minnesota on this, her first appearance upon the venerable Mink Ranch blog. We are so pleased to receive her mail art!

We have already made Jayne’s acquaintance via the equally venerable IUOMA-Ning site. We find Jayne engaging, curious about mail art history and – apparently – a born pack rat who collects and deals in vintage ephemera including stamps. This is a promising profile indeed for an artist bound for Eternal Network glory.

The truth of this potential is self-evident in this fascinating and entertaining retro-copy art (above) Jayne. B. Lyons so kindly sent. The “fake” theme is pronounced. She has managed to create a seamless piece that is – all at once – vintage, retro and postavant. FAB!!!

Jayne - 6.1.2018 - 7.jpgAdd & Pass sheet started by Jon Foster (North Carolina, USA) circulated by Jayne B. Lyons


The Eternal Network seems to be experiencing a Platinum Age of the Add & Pass. We’ve never received so many A&Ps from such a wide variety of places in such a short period of time. Jayne B. Lyons included several A&Ps in her missive including this piece begun by Jon Foster. We are so glad Jayne has connected with Jon Foster! He is a great network contact.


Jayne - 6.1.2018 - 9


Jayne B. Lyons created this A&P. She has access to and a good eye for some great images:


Jayne - 6.1.2018 - 4


Jayne also did FAB envelope art:


Jayne - 6.1.2018 - 1


Jayne - 6.1.2018 - 2


Deepest thanks to Jayne B. Lyons!





One comment

  1. Jayne B. Lyond · June 24

    Howdy, indeed!

    Thanks for highlighting my work, De Villo! So glad you like it.

    This 56-year-old amateur artist is a mere babe in the world of art – having only started six years ago ( as a means to deal with stress). I only began participating in correspondence art in February of this year – and BOY – I am hooked.

    I especially enjoy ‘add N pass’ projects, and any type of collaborative work. Copy art is a different way to create, although it may not be appreciated by the masses. My father was a photographer, so I’d like to think I inherited his ‘good eye.’

    I will continue to learn, to ask questions, and to try new techniques. Perhaps someday I will develop my own personal style.

    Thanks for the encouragement, and ‘see you in the mail!’


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