Richard Baudet Rejects E’s Fan Club – Harangues Monty Cantsin (Marseille, France)

Richard - 5.31.2018 - 3Add & Pass by Karen Eliot for E’s Fan Club sent by Richard Baudet (Marseille, France). Baudet apparently believes I am a person named “Montey Cantsin.”


This is what can happen with fake identity mail art pranks.

First, several years ago I vowed never to have any contact in any way with Richard Baudet (Marseille, France) after he rudely insulted my good friend Moan Lisa (Florida, USA).

From a distance, mail art might seem like a utopian community of thousands trading art blissfully. Even a little involvement reveals – sadly – that not everyone gets along in the network. This is yet another human activity with human flaws. The best we can do is aspire to something better and not accentuate our disagreements. (After all, most cultural endeavors are war zones.) We learn it’s just better to avoid people who annoy and offend us. That’s what I have done with Richard Baudet.

I know Richard Baudet has many IUOMA friends. Indeed, he might even be considered popular. That’s great! Really! This proves there is room in the network for everyone. I applaud Richard Baudet and his admirers. I made it clear years ago that I find him rude and revolting during a debate that broke out on the IUOMA-Ning platform. Now we keep a safe distance. I know there are people who hate my guts; it’s just a thing that happens.

However, as a result of this E’s Fan Club multiple user identity “performance” where I have been identified as Monty Cantsin by a mystery mail artist, I received this characteristically charming (deep sarcasm) but unwanted letter from my old nemesis Richard Baudet. I doubt he realizes that I am the recipient:


Baudet - 5.31.2018 - 1


This is my problems with Richard Baudet. Why wouldn’t he take five minutes and honor E – Ambassador of Utopia? Isn’t mail art about mutual support and helping each other rather than back-biting competition? Why would he make a point of writing, “I am not ‘E’ fan club”? Furthermore, he opens his letter “IUOMA.” Does he speak for IUOMA? He seems to be suggesting that. Whatever. I assume some of this is a “comedy of errors.” Here is the full sheet he sent. I’ll have to do something with it:



Baudet - 5.31.2018 - 2



Richard Baudet - 5.31.2018 - 5



Baudet - 5.31.2018 - 8


I look upward to heaven where I am sure my friend – E – Ambassador of Utopia – sits upon a ruby throne looking down upon me. “My dear friend,” I ask him, ” why do you let this happen to me? I know there is a reason. But I shall champion you and support you as I did when you were here with me in this tarnished world.”


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