Jessica Manack’s Exclusive FluxFest 2018 Report: “Got to meet DK…!”

Jessica - 5.30.2018 - 1Mail art by Jessica Manack (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA) sent from FluxFest 2018


We were thrilled to receive an exclusive investigative mail art report from Jessica Manack  while she was attending FluxFest 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. This year’s event – we understand – was low key by design. Some great documentation is beginning to emerge. We are thrilled to have this mail art-ifact from the “Happening.”

Legendary mail artist Diane Keys attended this year’s FluxFest and apparently – we have learned from several reliable sources – “stole the show,” as they say, with her stunning performance abilities and charismatic presence. She certainly impressed Jessica Manack who wrote gushingly:


Jessica - 5.30.2018 - 2



We admit to being at times green with envy, as we have never had the opportunity to meet our idol Diane Keys and we see so many examples of those bragging on the internet that they met DK. But we are also so happy for Jessica Manack as she is obviously so excited to have met DK. Sometimes our idols disappoint us in person. This was evidently not the case with DK. This only confirms our belief that DK is an exceptional person in every way.

Deepest thanks to Jessica Manack!



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