MinXus Mail Bag: Asemics + Add & Pass by Yayoi S.W. (Kirkland, Washington, USA)

yayoi 5.14.2018 - 1Mail art by Yayoi S.W. (Kirkland, Washington, USA)


Yayoi S.W. is doing some FAB art which can be seen at IUOMA-Ning and elsewhere circulating in the Eternal Network. She has already participated in the Asemic Front project. We’re thrilled to have new asemics by Yayoi to share as well as an add & pass sheet she sent:


Yayoi S.W. front a&p


The reverse side:


yayoi - 5.14.2018 - 3

Add & Pass sheet contributors (so far): C.Z. Lovecraft (Massachusetts, USA); Brenda Berchey (North Carolina, USA); Maggie Mize (Texas, USA); Toni Antonetti (Illinois, USA); Yayoi S.W. (Washington State, USA)


Yayoi env


Deepest thanks to Yayoi S.W. !







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