MinXus Mail Bag: “An experiment in Minimalism” by Erica Durante (Waldwick, New Jersey, USA)

Erica Durante 5.1.2018 - 1

Mail art by Erica Durante (Waldwick, New Jersey, USA)


Mink Ranch fave Erica Durante has released new colorful and beautifully composed mail art. M-L is thrilled to be the recipient of one of these pieces (above). In her kind note, she explains this work is an exploration of minimalism:


Erica Durante 5.1.2018 - 3


We note that Erica Durante frequently uses aesthetic themes to help produce a series (or simply batches) of mail art pieces. This particular venture into minimalism – we contend – is producing great results!

Minimalism has always been a latent factor in her work, and here it is brought to the forefront. The simple but wonderfully effective structure is outstanding. Of course, we point to asemic elements as well. The piece – we believe – also looks good from another perspective:


Erica Durante 5.1.2018 - 2


Deepest thanks to Erica Durante!





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