7-Year RK Mail Performance with Angie Cope & Snooker Continues (Wisconsin, USA)

Angie 4.5.2018 - 1Mail art by Angie Cope & Snooker the Amazing Mail Art Dog (Port Washington, Wisconsin, USA)


All my labors for art, and I end up as the straight guy in a performing dog act.

But seriously…

Seven years ago (more or less) inspired by Diane Keys and Rain Rien Nevermind, Angie Cope and I did a mail art exchange that became a performance piece. As usual, the whole thing is very convoluted. Some might still remember it. If not and if you have the time and inclination, you might want to look at the original documentation. And if you do click-in, don’t miss the comments section. It’ll bring a tear to your eye, as they say:


The whole thing re-emerged recently when Angie Cope asked for her stamps back. (You are not supposed to ask for people to return things in mail art!) I ( your still faithful Mink Rancher) sent one back and received the piece you see in this blog. These are the stamps:









Angie - 4.6.2018 good


Many thanks to Angie and Snooker!


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