Sea of DaDa by Mikel Untzilla (Euskadi, Spain)

Untzilla - 12.13.2017 - 1

Mail art by Mikel Untzilla (Euskadi, Spain)


Mikel Untzilla is a wonderfully inventive artist who has been very generous sharing his work with MinXus-Lynxus. We are thrilled to feature this new piece he sent that uses the ORIGINAL/COPY theme. We’re not exactly sure the source of the ORIGINAL/COPY art we see circulating (Joey Patrickt has been doing something similar), but we dearly adore the concept and the results we are seeing. Mikel Untzilla’s piece here is also a visual exploration of DaDaist metaphor – were such a thing possible or plausible – using the hammerhead shark. Mikel Untzilla’s work is always rich in texture and detail.

Untzilla - 12.13.2017 - 2

Many thanks to Mikel Untzilla!


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