MinXus Mail Bag: DSF Fest (Destroy) (Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)

DSF - 12.2.2017 - 1

Mail art by Dopesick San Francisco (DSF) aka Michael Kelly (Plymouth, Massachusetts. USA)


Here at the mink ranch we’ve been remiss in sharing work received from DSF: a perennial Tenderfoot fave. The drought has ended! So while this isn’t – we admit – actually a full-blown DSF festival we do present a gathering of diverse DSF pieces received during previous months for your viewing pleasure.

The top piece is classic DSF revealing the Punk anti-art aesthetic and, of course, an interest in dogs along with macabre popcult. Is Karina the Dog referenced here? We don’t know. (This would seem to be a postcard depicting an ambitious DSF painting or collage.)

DSF - 12.2.2017 - 2

And more DSF!

DSF - 12.2.2017 - 3

DSF - 12.2.2017 - 4

Thanks as ever to DSF!


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