MinXus Mail Bag: Classic Mudhead (Chris Reynolds) (Payson, Arizona, USA)

Mudhead - 11.18.2017 - 3

Mail art by Mudhead (aka Chris Reynolds) (Payson, Arizona, USA)


We are thrilled to document – even if a tad belated – correspondence art from the great Chris “Mudhead” Reynolds in Arizona. Mudhead’s totally original style and iconography are much in evidence here. Some of these images are also used as foundations for vispo collabs at Asemic Front.

Mudhead - 11.18.2017 - 5

A complete view of the opening scan:

Mudhead - 11.18.2017 - 2

Mudhead - 11.18.2017 - 1

Thanks as ever to Mudhead and look for the epic Mudhead-DVS collabs at Asemic Front!


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