MinXus Mail Bag: Age of Print Artifacts for Mail Art Recycling by Annette Kesterson (San Francisco, California, USA)

Annette - 10.27.2017 - 1

Mail art by Annette Kesterson (San Francisco, California, USA)


Have you ever noticed how many members of the current Eternal Network are professionally engaged in library work? I see this as something very positive that has benefits on multiple levels. This package from Annette Kesterson is a prime example.

First, Annette Kesterson is a faithful correspondent and postal friend. Her work has graced my MinXus-Lynxus and IUOMA pages before, and I always receive positive responses when she appears. This package is a bit different but, I think, of great interest to mail artists and anyone drawn to print ephemera.

Mail artists support each other by exchanging unusual material for collage and other projects. (Including found material in mailings is now a standard part of Trashpo exchanges.) This is certainly a positive use of the postal system in mail art that cannot be duplicated digitally in terms of materiality. Annette Kesterson sent a liberal sampling of material from the school library where she works. This is a pure treasure trove for a mail artist. I am very grateful.

Annette - 10.27.2017 - 2

Annette - 10.27.2017 - 3

The discarded book cards are a fascinating and profoundly human relic of the Age of Print. Among other uses, asemic writers are recycling old handwriting in their compositions.

Annette - 10.27.2017 - 4

Annette - 10.27.2017 - 5

Annette - 10.27.2017 - 6

You are only limited by your imagination!

Annette - 10.27.2017 - 7

Annette - 10.27.2017 - 8

Annette - 10.27.2017 - 9

Thanks as ever to Annette Kesterson!


One comment

  1. Bill Chance · October 29, 2017

    Cool – love old well-used library cards. I like to look at the names and try and imagine how the book affected them.

    Thanks for sharing.


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