MinXus Mail Bag: Trashponcho & Hurricane D-Kit by Lucky Pierre (Charleston, South Carolina, USA)

Lucky Pierre - 10.18.2017 - 1Mail art by Lucky Pierre (Charleston, South Carolina, USA)


Lucky Pierre is officially recognized as a Legend of Trashpo and is also known as one of the more fervent disciples of Richard Canard. In recent times she has become – for me anyway – somewhat reclusive and obscure.

I was concerned about her when the terrible storms battered the USA in the last several months but heard indirectly she was well. Then this mail art arrived from Lucky Pierre.

As you can see from the opening scan, she uses the image of Diane Keys’ Attitude Girl. The concept of the piece is a Hurricane Irma survival kit. This invokes the Trashpo D-Kit as well. Ironically, probably just a coincidence, ponchos like this were exchanged as a part of MinXus mail art too.

Lucky Pierre - 10.18.2017 - 2

Lucky Pierre - 10.18.2017 - 3

The famous Lucky Pierre stamp:

Lucky Pierre - 10.18.2017 - 4

Lucky Pierre - 10.18.2017 - 5

Here are the contents of the envelope by Lucky Pierre. The piece on top is a roof shingle:

Lucky Pierre - 10.18.2017 - 6

Lucky Pierre - 10.18.2017 - 7

And here is the poncho unpacked, a bit of Bagism:

Lucky Pierre - 10.18.2017 - 8

Lucky Pierre - 10.18.2017 - 9

Always wonderful to receive mail art from Lucky Pierre!


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