MinXus Mail Bag: Fashionably Late Post of Work by Lorraine Kwan (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Mail art by Lorraine Kwan (Vancouver, British Columbia, USA)


These FAB images of work by Lorraine Kwan have already received online attention. But we do want to acknowledge the snail mail versions have arrived at MinXus-Lynxus and share them with anyone who has not yet had the pleasure of engaging with them. We also want to document these remarkable pieces from our own perspective. The m-a is in a large postcard-size format with lots of emphasis on stamps and stamp-size panels. Here is the address side:

Lorraine Kwan is a highly regarded Canadian networker. She combines another talent – perhaps her “day job” – with her visual art to make something truly unique: Lorraine Kwan is a fashion designer and creator of the extraordinary garments you see here. She has been very successful at combining mail art with fashion. We know of at least one call she has done using the theme, and there have likely been many others. Here is the main panel:

Mail art by Lorraine Kwan (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Detail study:




Deepest thanks to Lorraine Kwan!




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