MinXus Mail Bag: Bagism, Conceptualism, Rayjo Stamp & More by Giselle Brewton (San Francisco, California, USA)

Mail art by Giselle Brewton (San Francisco, California, USA)


You can meet the most interesting and talented people via the Eternal Network. This is certainly the case with Giselle Brewton who brings radiance to our humble page today.

Giselle Brewton is known to many. You can find her marvelous work easily on the internet. Australian born, she attended art school in San Francisco and remains a NoCal resident.  Sometimes, here at the Mink Ranch, we’re the last to know about a good thing. Giselle Brewton is a great discovery for us. We adore her work. The conceptual nature of “Disassemble” is FAB. (We see a lot of Fluxus in this too – an Event Score more or less.)

And Giselle Brewton is a practitioner of Bagism! That is an esoteric and admirable practice, perfect for the mail art genre where Bagism persists. And Tenderfoots know Bagism persists here at MinXus-Lynxus. Among her many accomplishments, Giselle Brewton’s involvement with a Bagism zine is of much interest to us. This is worth a look:


And more. A great card:

The reverse:


All in all, a brilliantly done m-a composition! Thanks to Giselle. We look forward to more exchanges.



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