MinXus Mail Bag: “Astronomy for Dogs” by Tiina (aka Tina) Kainulainen (Helsinki, Finland)

Mail art by Tiina Kainulainen (Helsinki, Finland)

A huge “Howdy,” a wink and a secret MinXus handshake go out to Tiina Kainulainen of Helsinki. She kindly sent this FAB collage, which marks her first appearance upon this humble blog. Do we have another Carina Granlund blossoming? No. No one can ever be Carina Granlund other than Carina Granlund. But we deeply value making new friends in Finland.

Many thanks to Tina (Tiina)



  1. Tiina · June 10, 2017

    I am so honored you blogged my mail :). And I am no replacement for anyone. I know you were just joking but really mail art is so awesome for being so collaborative and supportive between artists :). And yes my name has a double i in it.. Tiina with “two eyes” ;). Thanks so much. (I have been doing mail art since 1999 but had a long break due to health. So glad to be back!)


    • minkrancher · June 13, 2017

      Oh Tiina! You are so kind to send this great, original work. And I talk about Carina Granlund! I am so sorry.

      Some of this is explained by the fact that I am not familiar with your work yet, so I am not yet sure – as they say – “where you are coming from.” So I hope we exchange and then everyone will get to know everyone and we will have all sorts of things to talk about.

      Carina won MinXus Who Has The Best Hair Contest, so it made such an impression here at the ranch.

      Well, Tiina, I understand you have been in the network before! So you are no stranger to all this. Those were years when I was not involved.

      Again, forgive the slight concerning Carina Granlund. I look forward to the future!


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