MinXus Mail Bag: Correspondence from Germany by Fluxus Reporter Jessica Manack (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Mail art by Jessica Manack (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Would the venerable MinXus-Lynxus blog – your faithful and always reliable gateway to the inner machinations of the Eternal Network – ever stoop to ride the coattails of the sensational celebrity of a mail artist who is currently “the toast of the town”? Would the work of named “toast of the town” inexplicably rise (with a bullet) to the top of our “Fab Faves” pile?

Absolutely! If you know us, you’ve seen this favoritism many times before.

Jessica Manack is currently receiving justifiable attention and praise on the internet for her video coverage of Fluxfest in Chicago. It just so happens she sent us a card from Germany some weeks ago, and this is possibly the first time many networkers have actually seen mail art by Jessica. She certainly is a supportive presence, and it’s nice to discover she is a talent too. Now we reveal the personal message Jessica sent before her Fluxfest coverage began:

Here is a link to Jessica Manack’s Fluxfest coverage. The link will take you to Fluxlist on Facebook, and you will need to scroll down to find Jessica’s posts (best we could do):


Many thanks to Jessica Manack!


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