MinXus Mail Bag: Ghost Ship A&P + ATCs by Karen Wood (Big Bear Lake, California, USA)

Karen Wood - 5.15.2017 - 2

Add and pass sheet (circa 2004) sent by Karen Wood (Big Bear Lake, California, USA)

A heartfelt “Howdy!” and secret Mink Ranch handshake are extended to Tenderfoot Karen Wood of Big Bear Lake who graces these humble pages for the first time.

Reading some sea stories lately, it occurred to me that Add & Pass sheets can sometimes be like the mysterious ghost ships of fiction. Some Add & Pass sheets never return home or reach a designated port. They drift, uncharted around the world. As in this case (and aided by the internet), they can resurface years or sometimes even decades later carrying a partial tale of their travels. But the narrative can never fully be known.

Karen Wood sent me this Add & Pass sheet that appears to have been most active circa 2003-4: many years ago. The contributing artists are mostly French. I like to think I am familiar with networkers (although complete knowledge is not possible for anyone). I do not recognize these names! Thus, in addition to admiring a classic A&P, I am left wondering about its story. Should I send it back to France after more than a decade?

Karen Wood also sent some examples of her own work. They strike me as working as ATCs (Artist Trading Cards), but they are not really limited to that category either.

Karen Wood - 5.15.2017 - 3.jpg

Mail art by Karen Wood (Big Bear Lake, California, USA)

Karen Wood - 5.15.2017 - 4

Karen Wood - 5.15.2017 - 1

Deepest thanks to Karen Wood!




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