MinXus Mail Bag: Glam by Bonniediva (Gurnee, Illinois, USA)

Mail art by Bonniediva (Gurnee, Illinois, USA)

A huge “Howdy!” and a MinXus secret handshake are extended to the talented Bonniediva, originally from New Orleans but now living outside Chicago USA. We are so fortunate to be able to display this FAB collage on M-L, your faithful connection to all the important stirrings of the Eternal Network fit to “print.”

We settled on calling this work “glam.” In actuality, the fair Bonniediva defies artistic categories. She’s a little vintage, a little retro, a little Pop, a little DaDa and mostly none of the above. At first – when we saw the Gurnee, Illinois address (but not the collage) – we assumed this was yet another Diane Keys impersonator (many of them about these days!) or a Diane Keys prank. But again, Bonniediva proves to be a total original with no connection to the Kulter hordes. Keep an eye on her. We intuit another network star!

Bike-a-delic! Thank you, Bonniediva.



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