Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Classic DharmaDaDa Trashpo by Azzaro (Auckland, New Zealand)

Mail art by Azzaro (Auckland, New Zealand)

An interesting twist in the final days of the Karnival of Trash is the appearance of work from New Zealand, a location which has hardly been a center of Kulter activity (although Australia has made magnificent contributions). Veteran Kulters and trashpoets will immediately identify the crushed can as a trademark of the great (and controversial) trashpoet, Dadaist and honorary graduate of Black Mountain College Erni Baer. However, I doubt newer generations are even aware of Erni’s contributions or the Fan Club Wars or other related events that transpired in the Eternal Network. Regardless, Azzaro has hit the mark perfectly with this piece, IMHO. Other work was included.


The contents are just FAB in terms of the KoT, and the work also has a very strong envelope, making this a 100% mail art masterpiece:

Many thanks to Azzaro!!!


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