Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Authentic New Zealand Trashpo by Gerda Osteneck (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)

Gerda - 4.16.2017 - 1

Mail art by Gerda Osteneck (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)

Gerda Osteneck is known in the Eternal Network as a Canadian trashpoet and devoted member of DKULTCAN (DKult-Canada). Her recent adventures in New Zealand are well-documented elsewhere. This journey gave her the opportunity to explore new dumpsters and litter-ature. Thus, the Karnival of Trash is able to exhibit for the first time (I think) Trashpo composed of indigenous New Zealand refuse. Gerda Osteneck’s aesthetic as well as sewing abilities make this a masterpiece.

As with the presentation of much Trashpo, it is possible I’ve presented the work upside-down (even though I’ve puzzled over the possibilities for some time). If so, here is a view of the main New Zealand section from another angle:

Gerda - 4.26.2017 - 3.JPG

And the reverse:

Deepest thanks to Gerda Osteneck!




One comment

  1. gosteneck · April 17, 2017

    Finding Trash in NZ proved to be quite challenging as it is an almost pristine place. A clean canvas. Of course with tourism an essential part of their economy, trash is happening. The shipping label was indigenous, and the shredded stuff was part of a retaining wall. Rain causes ‘slips’ of sand, dirt etc. Very pleased that the NZ postoffice was onboard with the many bizarre things I sent into the MailArt stream while visiting. Cheers


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