MinXus Mail Bag: More Miss Noma Fun Club Mystery by Ruud Janssen (Breda, Netherlands)

Mail art by Ruud Janssen (Breda, Netherlands)

The volume of mail and considerable time duration involved in the Karnival of Trash meant sidelining some other interesting currents at MinXus-Lynxus, such as the mysterious Miss Noma Fun Club. At long last I am documenting a comprehensive mailing from Ruud Janssen that arrived with a deluge of KoT material. So while this is not exactly “current” it is a great “snapshot in time” from the founder of IUOMA who always sends interesting things. The Miss Noma Fun Club is not the only subject of this mailing, but as you will see it is a theme. I am opening with this great, Ray Johnson-inspired¬†stamp sheet. Here is a closer look:

The ubiquitous mail art cow:

Ruud Janssen’s kind note:

For the duration of the Karnival of Trash (covering about eight months!) I heard nothing from anyone claiming to be Miss Noma nor her fans sending me mail they apparently thought I could pass along to Miss Noma. Will we ever encounter Miss Noma again? I do not know. Miss Noma remains a mystery to me, although some refuse to believe that. The network craze for fan clubs we saw several years ago is slowing down a bit in my estimation. Among the recent fan clubs, fake identities (Karen Eliots, Moan Lisas, Monty Cantsins, etc.) I think Miss Noma remains one of the more interesting characters. Perhaps one day we will know the truth. Unfortunately, I have little to offer.

Ruud Janssen included one of the verbal-visual pieces from that time. I think many will remember this series:

If all of the above were not enough, do not miss the trademark, hand-painted envelope:

As ever, thanks to Ruud Janssen!



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