MinXus Mail Bag: Origami Theme by Karalie Vest (Molalla, Oregon, USA)

Mail art by Karalie Vest (Molalla, Oregon, USA)

After the long ride of the Karnival of Trash there is a certain homecoming feel to resuming the MinXus Mail Bag feature. Familiarity sometimes comes as a comfort. The end of a long journey leaves us to reflect: What has been gained and lost?

But the point – before I digress hopelessly – is the resumption with this lovely card from a newcomer to our humble blog: Karalie Vest of Oregon. Are these stamps? And we have some Holism play. From a larger perspective, origami appears in mail art often; and it is an excellent match. Like mail art, origami is egalitarian yet can rise to a complex artform. There is a suggestion of minimalism, a joy in simplicity. Karalie Vest manages to integrate origami and mail art perfectly, I think.

Deepest thanks to Karalie Vest!


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