New Work by Nancy Bell Scott (South Portland, Maine, USA)

MinXus-Lynxus is thrilled to share a sampling of new compositions by Nancy Bell Scott, a network fave and legendary member of the Martha Stuart School of Asemic Wallpaper and Cheryl Penn’s vispo book projects, among other credits.


“alternative contra country dance” by Nancy Bell Scott


from “alternative facts” by Nancy Bell Scott (click to enlarge)


“but you promised” by Nancy Bell Scott


“we’re still here” by Nancy Bell Scott


“call me” by Nancy Bell Scott


“take note” by Nancy Bell Scott


“asemic legend” by Nancy Bell Scott

Deepest thanks to NBS for granting M-L permission to share these exciting new pieces!


One comment

  1. Nancy Bell Scott · March 14, 2017

    Thanks very much, DVS — Your selection is good, and your intro makes me nostalgic. Or, let’s say, more nostalgic than I already was!


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