Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Visual-Textual Art by Irene Ronchetti (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Mail art by Irene Ronchetti (aka Todo Collage) (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

The Karnival of Trash has been greatly enhanced by the participation of Latin American artists and poets who clearly understand the concepts of Trashpo.

Irene Ronchetti is a wonderful collage artist, and I am thrilled to be able to share her work today. Argentina and Brazil are global leaders in concrete and visual poetry. So I note Irene Ronchetti’s work for the exhibit is verbal-visual, image-text, or as the great Bob Grumman called it (among other designations) “infra-verbal.” This, of course, is the essence of Trashpo – a form of visual poetry – that makes use of found material and often radical disjunction. I believe Irene Ronchetti has created very innovative work here.

Here is more work in the exhibition by Irene Ronchetti:


And classic Trashpo on the B-Side:



And the envelope:


Follow the lynx to see more work by Irene Ronchetti:


Many thanks Irene!



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