Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call – Non-GMO Trashpo by Vikki Johnson (Morrison, Colorado, USA)


Mail art by Vikki Johnson (Morrison, Colorado, USA)

A big, warm Howdy and a secret MinXus handshake are extended to Ms. Vikki Johnson of Colorado, USA who graces these humble pages for the first time today. Vikki Johnson makes the day even better, if that were possible, because she has sent work for the Karnival of Trash. What a wonderful addition!

I never tire of the work received from “Big Name” and “Iconic” correspondence artists that has come to characterize the greatest show on earth. But it is as gratifying to document an “emerging” artist’s first foray into the dumpster. Even if one might, subjectively, sense a certain tentative quality to the work, I must disclose to Vikki Johnson that I believe she is spot-on in capturing the Trashpo (anti-)aesthetic and spirit. This creates an occasion, too, for us to remember and celebrate the egalitarian and mutually supportive nature of mail art.


I also meditate upon Vikki Johnson’s work considering the notion of healthy trash or non-junk trash. Is such a thing possible? Only DK could tell us for sure. Vikki Johnson also included a picture of a dog or her dog and a snowflake. Or is it a trashflake?


Lately, for some reason, I have been thinking about the mail artist Irene Dogmatic who made such a splash “back in the day.”



Thank you Vikki Johnson!




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