Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: FluxRus by Victoria Barvenko (Taganrog, Russia)


Mail art by Victoria Barvenko (Taganrog, Russia)

Victoria Barvenko is widely known and admired across the Eternal Network for her art created in the spirit of Fluxus (whether you choose to label it Post-Fluxus, Neo-Fluxus, FluxRus or some other designation). I have been privileged to work with her on visual poetry collaborative book projects, and she has been supportive of Trashpo as well. So I am thrilled to include this 16-panel artists book Victoria sent in the Karnival of Trash exhibition.


A current Kulter adage states, “Fluxus needs to stop stealing from Trashpo.” At the core of this paradox is a definite truth: Fluxus and Trashpo have a great deal in common. Kulters and trashpoets tend to avoid (wisely) theoretical discussions, but I am glad the Karnival of Trash is not silent when it comes to this important influence. Victoria Barvenko’s marvelous book celebrates this connection.


Taganrog is the birthplace of Anton Chekhov. It is poetically apt, I think, that Victoria – working in the postavant – is from Taganrog too.








Many thanks to Victoria Barvenko!


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