Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Fake French Trashpo (?)


Possibly fake Trashpo by “Theresa W. somewhere in France”

The Karnival of Trash call has generated a healthy share of mysteries and cryptic utterances. This card is one of them, unless someone cares to confirm or deny the following theory.

I was perplexed by the work until a reasonable solution presented itself so simple and plausible that I am convinced I am correct: I have been very vocal on Facebook and at other online venues about what I perceive to be the tawdry and lackluster reception to Trashpo in France. I believe this piece is very likely a response to my concern about the state of Trashpo in the wonderful nation of France.

I doubt this was made in France. I am not sure if the artist is attempting in earnest to create a French version of Trashpo or whether, as in so many other instances, this is a joke at my expense. Many friends are aware that MinXus and a certain imaginary “Empress” are responsible for the French situation. Fortunately, the biases of the past are being laid to rest by a new generation of enthusiasts on the continent. Still, we have this peculiar artifact.


“Theresa W. somewhere in France” is not an artist I can identify, despite urgent and probing enquiries. No, it is not the noted author Theresa Williams of Ohio, USA. She is a good friend and I contacted her immediately. She knows nothing about the work. Did KDJ send it? Lisa Lisa? You know I am never one to “name names.” Indeed, the greatest show on earth now likely displays the first fake French Trashpo ever created. Perhaps we should let it rest.


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