Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: The Krispy Kreme Kaper Kontinues by Artista Daily (Allen Park, Michigan, USA)


Mail Art by Artista Daily (aka Maralena Howard) (Allen Park, Michigan, USA)

Artista Daily is making a splash in the network these days with her aesthetically pleasing and sometimes witty creations. (Old School heavy hitters are “liking” Artista like crazy.) And since she is a newcomer with no tangible trail revealing an Eternal Network history, some quarters are buzzing in the back channels about her identity.

Crass gossip, unfortunately, leads to rumors, which we are all bound not to perpetuate! But can you believe some very influential mail artists are speculating Artista Daily = Krispy Kreme (aka Kristy Marlowe)? Do they know something we do not? And did Artista really challenge Diane Keys to a Trash Slam saying she can do better than our own Queen of Trash? I refuse to trade in gossip! But this Trashbook Artista Daily has contributed to the Karnival of Trash will only throw gasoline on the flames of innuendo. This Trashbook is about donuts!

Artista Dailey’s Trashbook also synthesizes Post-Pop and the John M. Bennett School of Vispo into a Trashpo Triumph.




Here are more pics of the amazing Trashbook by Artista Daily. While not systematically ordered, I do believe they give a sense of the accomplishment of this extraordinary work.









Thanks to Artista Daily!



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