Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Diane Keys (Part 2) w/ Lattemann, Mail Art Martha, Nikoltsou, Leftwich & Richard C.


DKult/Trashpo stamps by Jack Lattemann (Washington State, USA)

Part 2 of the Diane Keys “Blizzard of Trash” documentation includes a number of collabs and/or work by other artists. DK chose to send these. More exciting solo work by DK is featured as well. Here is a very interesting piece by Mail Art Martha in the UK:


By Mail Art Martha (UK) via Diane Keys (Illinois, USA)


DK sent along a traditional Trashpo scrap collection credited to Katerina Nikoltsou aka MomKat in Greece:


Mail art by Katerina Nikoltsou aka MomKat (Greece) via DK

Here are two vispo pieces by Jim Leftwich (known to Kulters as Jesus Jim) (Virginia, USA). I believe Diane Keys has altered the work, but I am not sure.


Mail art by Jim Leftwich (Virginia, USA)

Some classic Diane Keys Trashpo is included on the reverse side of one of the Jim Leftwich compositions:


Mail art by Diane Keys (Elgin, Illinois, USA)

A Richard Canard (aka Richard C) (Illinois, USA) was attached to the wrapper that contained the “Blizzard of Trash.”


Mail art by Richard Canard (Illinois, USA)

And I will close with a few more pics that, hopefully, capture the essence of Diane Keys’ “Blizzard of Trash.”




Many thanks to DK for a FAB contribution to the Karnival of Trash!



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