Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Lobster Bib Trashpo & Authentic Rant by Sinclair Scripa (Ludlow, Vermont, USA)


Mail art by Sinclair Scripa (Ludlow, Vermont, USA)

I am very pleased the Karnival of Trash has added numerous “instant classics” to the Trashpo canon. Here is another by none other than Sinclair Scripa. If there were ever doubt our dearest “Tanya” could produce Trashpo, our fears are allayed. This is a very large piece composed upon, what appears to be, a (possibly used) lobster bib. These lobster bibs – if you are not familiar – are known especially in coastal New England and are associated with messy eating. The concept – in terms of Trashpo – is fairly brilliant.


This very large work by Sinclair Scripa rivals the compositions of Queen of Trash Diane Keys in terms of the level of D-Khaos. So I’ll offer some different perspectives on this “special” Trashpo.



Trashpop and Trashpo are different, but that’s Okay.


Sinclair Scripa also included a healthy offering of ephemera including one of her famous rants:




The envelope:


Many thanks to Sinclair Scripa!







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