Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Forward to DK by Anita Hennig (Berlin, Germany)


Mail art by Anita Hennig (Berlin, Germany)

I am very proud that artists in Germany are generously participating in the Karnival of Trash. Once the German DKult chapter – aka DKunst – was very active, primarily thanks to Svenja Wahl and, of course, Erni Baer. I believe the KoT has created a small DKunst revival.

This is the first mail I have ever received from Anita Hennig. She is apparently entrusting me to forward this lovely card to Diane Keys in Elgin. I shall do that. Anita Hennig also included some very fine and interesting Trashpo (on the reverse side):



Excellent Trashpo! Anita Hennig has a bright future as a Trashpoet as well as a Kulter, should she decide to pursue it after the Karnival of Trash. The envelope is marvelous as well:



Many thanks to Anita Hennig!


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