Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Trash & Pass, ATC by C.Z. Lovecraft (Westport, Massachusetts, USA)


Mail art by C.Z. Lovecraft (Westport, Massachusetts, USA)

C.Z. Lovecraft’s contribution to the greatest show on earth focuses on add & pass known in Trashpo circles as trash & pass. Certainly the classic add & pass has inspired a unique variant among kulters and trashpoets. I appreciate that C.Z. Lovecraft, not a known Kulter or agent in the DKonspiracy, is faithful to the Trashpo genre and Kulter philosophy (not required, BTW).


C.Z. Lovecraft also sent found material or readymade Trashpo (although one of them, please note, is an ATC). These inclusions have become customary in Karnival of Trash pieces. What is the function of this Kulter tradition? How did it begin? Discussions can be found elsewhere. Are they offerings to DK? I like the idea.


The upper-right image (above) is the ATC. Reverse sides:


The envelope:



Thanks to C.Z. Lovecraft!



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