Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Trashparency by Pedro Bericat (Zaragoza, Spain)


Mail art by Pedro Bericat (Zaragoza, Spain)

I am thrilled to present as part of the Karnival of Trash a composition by Pedro Bericat of Spain: Sound artist, conceptualist and member of the Eternal Network. I only jest in part when I write that Pedro Bericat’s aesthetic intentions are transparent in this piece of beautifully executed Trashpo. Pedro Bericat is a wrapper. The wrapping is all-important in this piece:


Trash Music aka Trashemic Music is a somewhat neglected Trashpo sub-genre. Trash Music has been composed; pieces by Not Hi Ng (California, USA) are among notable examples. Pedro Bericat is eminently equipped to add to the Trash Music canon.


Here is another view of the entire work:


Pedro Bericat is a fascinating artist. Here is how you can learn more:


Many thanks to Pedro Bericat!



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