Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Listpo, Junk Mail, Kut-Up & More by Ficus strangulensis (Charleston, West Virginia, USA)


Mail art by Ficus strangulensis (Charleston, West Virginia, USA)

The few but noisy critics of MinXus-LynXus say we are too free with the words “Iconic” and “Legend.” Perhaps, sometimes, our enthusiasm betrays our commitment to reason. But no one can dispute the network superstar status of THE GREAT Ficus strangulensis.

I am thrilled to share with you Fike’s generous contribution to the Karnival of Trash. Ficus strangulensis is the reigning network King of Kut-Up, a position left vacant by William S. Burroughs (whose work was once very commonly circulated in the Eternal Network, I might add). Fike sent this stellar example.


Proving that he “gets it” with Diane Keys’ junk mail movement and recycling efforts, Fike’s kind note is inscribed upon junk mail:


Fike keeps meticulous records. Fascinating! And the reverse:


In terms of the interests of trashpoets and Kulters, though, I believe the piece most likely to generate the most excitement is this shopping list (aka listpo) compendium sent by Ficus strangulensis. John M. Bennett (Columbus, Ohio, USA) started the listpo craze, and I believe this is the first Fike grocery list that has ever been formally exhibited. Another plum for the Karnival of Trash!


And the reverse:


Deepest thanks to Ficus strangulensis!



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