Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Trash Into Art by Gu (Norwich, Norfolk, UK)


Mail art by Gu (aka Gina Ulgen) (Norwich, Norfolk, UK)

The greatest show on earth reveals that Trashpo’s “aesthetic” wing has risen to prominence over its gritty roots in anti-art. This second spectacular piece by Gu is a show-stopper, indeed being fine art exceeding the limits of what one can reasonably expect from mail art.

I believe the method of composition is called decollage (remember my background is literary!); certainly other trashpoets have used it. But Gu has taken it to the level of Instant Classic, proving that Trashpo and decollage are inherently connected. The work (to me anyway) references the Russian avant garde of the early 20th century, which is another unacknowledged influence on Trashpo. The piece is set on sturdy cardboard and approximately 7 by 10 inches. Here are close-ins of the panels:



The composition is so incredible that it is on permanent display here in my new studio where its inspiration seldom leaves the range of my vision, a permanent memory of the extraordinary experience of the Karnival of Trash. Here is the reverse side. Note the official Karnival of Trash stamp is based on an image Gu sent in her first piece:


Gu did some fine Trashpo-related work in association with DKULTUK during the chapter’s golden age, but I am sure many Karnival of Trash visitors agree that she absolutely shines beyond earlier promise in this exhibition. And still one more work to be unveiled!

Thanks as ever to Gina!




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