Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Next Wave Trashpo by Artista Daily (Allen Park, Michigan, USA)


Mail art by Artista Daily (Allen Park, Michigan, USA)

Initially, I predicted the Karnival of Trash would identify a new generation of Trashpoets. With so much innovative work from those who have already achieved Legend of Trashpo status, the exhibition has become more of a retrospective.

However, new talent is being attracted and identified. Artista Daily (aka Maralena Howard) is one. This postcard-size piece is the first of two received from her that I will document as part of the show. Artista Daily is definitely new to the Trashpo and Kulter scenes, but apparently at some point in the past she was active in the mail art network. It is certainly great to have her back. She brings a fresh perspective to Trashpo.


Deepest thanks to Artista Daily, and stay tuned for more of her work in the Karnival of Trash!



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