Karnival of Trash Mail Art Call: Still Desperately Seeking the Miss Noma Fun Club (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)


Unknown mail artist seeking the Miss Noma Fun Club (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

What would the greatest Trashpo show on earth be without co-option by the ubiquitous and multi-faceted Miss Noma? The thought never crossed my mind when I launched the Karnival of Trash, but retro-futurist anti-logic foresaw all this, if only I had listened. But Miss Noma has been absent of late. I still have no insights into Miss Noma’s esoteric movements, but it makes for an even greater Karnival of Trash. So I proudly display another riddle inside a puzzle. What’s next? The Lone Gunman Neoist? “Alex”?


I do not believe “Kendall (?)” is a real person. I believe the address is fake. If anyone can provide any information, I would be pleased to know.


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